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Alabama Paranormal Association

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Alabama Paranormal Association APA is a non-profit professional paranormal research organization dedicated to discovering the truth behind claims of paranormal activity and unexplained paranormal p READ MORE

Alabama Paranormal Research Team

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The Alabama Paranormal Research Team is a non profit organization, located in south east Alabama. We take cases all over the state and East Coast areas. We specialize is paranormal investigation invol READ MORE

Rocket City Paranormal

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Rocket City Paranormal is a non-profit organization that is devoted to finding the truth behind paranormal phenomenon. We heavily rely on our instrument readings, audio and video recordings, and pers READ MORE

Tuscaloosa Paranormal Research Group

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Tuscaloosa Paranormal Research Group is a group of ethically minded people searching for the truth of the paranormal existence. We help those who may be living with paranormal activ READ MORE

East Alabama Paranormal Enthusiasts

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Paranormal & Psychic Research group. we seek to train investigators and sensitives to develop their skills and increase their findings legitemately READ MORE

Northeastern Alabama Paranormal Society

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Northeastern Alabama Paranormal Society Northeastern-Alabama Paranormal Society is a group of ethically minded people searching for the truth of the paranormal existence. Our desire is to prove READ MORE

Ghost Hunters of the South

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Ghost Hunters of the South Ghost Hunters of the South is located in Mobile, Alabama. We are a group dedicated to the study of advanced paranormal phenomena that is ghostly in nature. We believ READ MORE

Alabama Ghost Hunter's Society

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Alabama Ghost Hunter's Society I see that your spirit guide has brought you to us...We hope you enjoy your confinment..err..I mean stay. We will endevour to dig up, ...yipes...come up with stori READ MORE

Alabama Ghost Hunting

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Alabama Ghost Hunting Alabama Ghost Hunting is a group of paranormal investigators based out of Pell City, AL dedicated to finding answers to the unknown. Our field of research is paranormal ph READ MORE


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O.R.B.S Q: What does the acronym "O.R.B.S." stand for? A: Organization for paranormal Research and Bizarre phenomena Study. Q: I don't live in Alabama. Can I still join the group? A: READ MORE
Paranormal investigation groups in Alabama enable Alabama paranormal investigators interested in serious paranormal research to band together to investigate haunted locations,ghost sightings and other unexplained events to attempt to provide scientific evidence for the paranormal.
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