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Sandra Bullock: Ghost Hunting In London

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Sandra Bullock: Ghost Hunting In London June 15, 2011 by David Moye The Huffington Post andra Bullock is currently in London filming a Sci-Fi thriller called "Gravity" with George Clooney, but READ MORE

Lucille Ball, UFOs and ghosts

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Lucille Ball, UFOs and ghosts August 7, 2011 Cheryl Gardner Strong Paranormal Old Pueblo Yesterday, August 6th, would have been Lucille Ball’s 100th birthday. She died on April 26, 1989 at t READ MORE

Demi Lovato "scared to death" by ghost

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Demi Lovato "scared to death" by ghost March 26, 2011 By Sophie Hines digital spy Demi Lovato has revealed that she was "scared to death" after seeing a "ghost" in her closet. Speaking to T READ MORE

John Hurt: I believe in ghosts

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John Hurt: I believe in ghosts December 24, 2010 Belfast Telegraph John Hurt has admitted he believes in ghosts, saying: "How can you not?" The Harry Potter actor stars in ghost story Whistle READ MORE

Stars find paranormal success

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Stars find paranormal success October 28, 2010 Katrina Power Gauntlet This year marks the end of Stars' first decade together and while the Montreal-based indie group has just released its fif READ MORE

Lady Gaga scared of ghosts

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Lady Gaga scared of ghosts October 6, 2010 NDTV Movies Pop sensation Lady Gaga is petrified of evil spirits and spends thousands of pounds on ghostbusters to check every hotel and venue before READ MORE
Celebrities and the Paranormal
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