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Paris Catacombs Cam

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Paris Catacombs Cam (in French) READ MORE

Ordsall Hall GhostCam

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Ordsall Hall GhostCam Are you brave enough to watch the GhostCam? Ordsall Hall is famous for its resident spirits, most often spotted in the Great Hall, including the mysterious White Lady see READ MORE

Lincoln WebCam

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Lincoln WebCam "There are other websites I have watched and none of them have as many ghosts as you have in your roof - there is a lot of activity up there." - Margaret Blackwood, a ghost watc READ MORE


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dddavidsGhostCams These are Live webcams set up in a 100+ year old victorian house for the purpose of capturing evidence of a haunting. The public is encouraged to view, and post captures of eve READ MORE

Genesta's House Ghost Cam

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Genesta's House Ghost Cam This is the living room in Genesta's house, with a view of one of the cuckoo clocks and hallway, where a few things have been experienced. Eventually the cam will be READ MORE

Cams perfect for Armchair Ghost Hunter

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Cams perfect for Armchair Ghost Hunter March 28, 2009 Roger Marsh Examiner.com Here's a story for all you Armchair Ghost Hunters out there. While there are hundreds of ghost hunting groups aro READ MORE

GhostWatch at Ireland's Eye

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GhostWatch at Ireland's Eye Join the great Irish ghost watch – look out for the ethereal apparition of a young lady whose spirit, many believe, haunts this former Irish linen mill. Elsewhere on t READ MORE

'SpookCam' from Newstead Abbey

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'SpookCam' from Newstead Abbey BBC Our webcam was searching for ghosts over Halloween at Newstead Abbey. Will you spot any ghosts in our archive clip? Spotters Guide: Little Sir John READ MORE

Ghostcam - Llancaiach Fawr Manor

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Ghostcam - Llancaiach Fawr Manor BBC Based at Llancaiach Fawr Manor near Caerphilly, South East Wales, the Ghostcam normally updates every five minutes*. You may need to Refresh your browser fo READ MORE
Webcams can allow paranormal investigators and anyone with an interest in ghosts and hauntings to try ghost hunting from home.These cams take continuous photos of allegedly haunted places and viewers can try to catch ghost sightings or paranormal phenomena.
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