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Ghost Videos

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Browse a wide variety of Ghost Video Clips, share your own Ghost clips with others. READ MORE


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Hi, I have recorded some new footage regarding The Anguished Man. I recorded some strange light anomalies. I set up the video camera again in the spare bedroom to try and catch some more of the activ READ MORE

Mostly Ghosts

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Real Ghost Videos, Pictures Of Ghosts, Haunted Places and more READ MORE

Fox 8 Exclusive: Video Proof of the Afterlife

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Fox 8 Exclusive: Video Proof of the Afterlife November 15, 2010 Fox8.com If you don't believe in ghosts, the video that Fox 8 News obtained may change your mind forever! The footage was shot READ MORE

Paranormal Activity in West Virginia

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Paranormal Activity in West Virginia October 30, 2009 By Bob Wilkinson and Erica Peterson West Virginia Public Broadcasting October 30, 2009 · Watch the Mountain State Spirit Seekers Society READ MORE

Hauntings in the Heartland - KC Paranormal webisodes debut with an amazing first...

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Hauntings in the Heartland - KC Paranormal webisodes debut with an amazing first outing August 14,2009 Wendy Garrett Examiner.com For those who are interested in why anyone would call a parano READ MORE

Full Body Ghost Caught on Camera

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Full Body Ghost Caught on Camera YouTube.com In the final clip revolving around the eight night three story industrial facility investigation, The P.I.T. Crew investigators reveal the best full READ MORE

'Country House Ghost Caught On CCTV'

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'Country House Ghost Caught On CCTV' April 8, 2009 Alex Watts Sky News Online (Video on website) Paranormal experts are investigating an alleged ghost sighting apparently caught on CCTV in READ MORE

Documentary : A Haunting in Connecticut 3/9

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Documentary : A Haunting in Connecticut 3/9 YouTube The Discovery Channel did a special documentary about a real-life haunting. It will definitely frighten you (not recommended for young childre READ MORE

Pub spirit is a western film star

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Pub spirit is a western film star February 26, 2009 By VIKKI THOMAS The Sun Note: The video is included in the article. THE ghostly figure of a COWBOY walks in front of a roaring fire in a READ MORE


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Ghostbanisters February 12, 2009 The Sun Terrified Reece Pitman, 12, heard whistling — and used his mobile to film the shadowy being. It came days after his nine-year-old sister complained t READ MORE

Ghost Videos

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Ghost Videos Hand-picked Ghost Videos READ MORE

Real Ghost Videos

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Real Ghost Videos Real Ghost Videos - The Ultimate Source For Scary Ghost Videos And Ghost Documentaries !!! READ MORE
Ghost videos and videos that catch paranormal activity associated with ghosts and haunted places can create compelling evidence for paranormal, ghostly phenomena. Many ghost videos of authentic interest exist on the Internet.
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