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Paranormal experts fail to get rid of 'ghosts' at grandma's house

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Paranormal experts fail to get rid of 'ghosts' at grandma's house January 8, 2011 By Syed Azhar AsiaOne News KOTA BARU - There seems to be no end to Zainab Sulaiman's woes despite several att READ MORE

Paranormal phenomena

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Paranormal phenomena May 9, 2010 By PRIYA KULASAGARAN The Star Online n this modern day and age, accounts of supernatural activities in schools are very much alive and well. Sightings of appa READ MORE

The haunted hallway

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The haunted hallway August 22, 2009 Karen Van Rooyen The Times here’s a ghost in my house! A production team who set out to prove that ghosts did not exist, has found one during the filmi READ MORE

Ghost-busters head to Mpuma

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Ghost-busters head to Mpuma 03/03/2009 Siphiwe Nyathi News 24 Ngodwana - A team of ghost-busters will be in Kaapsehoop, Mpumalanga, this weekend to investigate the ghost of a girl who alleg READ MORE

India: The Hindu belief in Bhut

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India: The Hindu belief in Bhut By Rhetta Akamatsu GhosttoCoast.us India is a predominantly Hindu country, and many people there have a strong belief in Bhuta, or evil spirits. As in other coun READ MORE

Japanese Ghosts

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Japanese Ghosts by Rhetta Akamatsu Ghosttocoast.us The general Japanese word for "ghost" is Obaka, which comes from the honorific "o" and the verb "bakeru," or "change." Thus, a Japanese ghost READ MORE

Irish Ghosts

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Irish Ghosts By Rhetta Akamatsu Ghosttocoast.us The Irish are famous for their ghosts. Many American beliefs originate with the Irish and other Celtic people. Like the Irish themselves, these g READ MORE
The belief in ghosts and haunted places exists all over the world. True ghost stories are found in every country. Explore paranormal beliefs and traditions regarding ghosts here.
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