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Haunting America

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A collection of ghost stories across America. READ MORE

The Niche Market of Haunted Home

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The Niche Market of Haunted Home December 28, 2010 Paranormal Utopia Many states have laws that require a home’s seller to disclose the nature of any paranormal activity that has occurred in READ MORE

10 great haunted places across the USA

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10 great haunted places across the USA August 13, 2010 USA Travel It's Friday the 13th, a date that strikes terror in the hearts of the superstitious. So why not seize the day by visiting somep READ MORE

5 Most Haunted Cemeteries In New England

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5 Most Haunted Cemeteries In New England Jan 13, 2010 Steven Cummings Bukisa New England has some of the oldest and creepiest cemeteries in the country. Many of them are reportedly haunted. Li READ MORE

America's Most Haunted Cities, A Closer Look

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America's Most Haunted Cities, A Closer Look October 6, 2009 By Carly Milne Digital City If you're one of those Halloween enthusiasts that takes it to the hilt, perhaps you're planning a trip READ MORE
Haunted US
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