`Ghost Hunters' Use Old Ninja Tricks

`Ghost Hunters' Use Old Ninja Tricks
June 3, 2010

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – When professional ghost hunters are feeling weary, they take a cue from ninjas.
That’s the scoop from TAPS veteran Steve Gonsalves, who schools aspiring paranormal recruits in Ghost Hunters Academy, airing Wednesdays on SyFy.

Gonsalves says professional ghost hunting can be grueling, especially while investigating spooky places.

A research team can work for up to 20 hours straight checking for ghosts, and in that time, it’s easy to lose focus.

When their eyes start playing tricks on them, Gonsalves says they turn to tips learned from old ninja books to refresh their peepers.

This includes “resetting” their eyes by covering them for 10 seconds and stretching their eyelids while opening and closing them.

Gonsalves says the exercises help ensure that ghost hunters don’t think they see apparitions when they really don’t.

He says a truly successful hunter must “be a skeptic before they’re a believer” and not think “every little speck of dust is a ghost.”
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