‘The paranormal has a lot to teach us’

‘The paranormal has a lot to teach us’
By George Morse

EAST PROVIDENCE/SEEKONK - Paul Eno may have spent more than 30 years researching the paranormal, but that doesn’t mean he has a collection of “ghost stories.”

“The paranormal has a lot to teach us,” Mr. Eno said.

Referred to by some as the “most intelligent voice in paranormal research today” and a “ghost hunter with a brain,” Mr. Eno, a Woonsocket native, was the featured speaker at a meeting of the East Providence and Seekonk Rotary Club on Monday. Along with a weekly radio show (co-hosted by his son Ben) Mr. Eno has written a number of books on the paranormal, including the yet to be released “Dancing Past the Graveyard: What Ghosts Have to Say About God.”

While he speaks around the country, Mr. Eno said his schedule always starts to fill up right before Halloween.

So what exactly gets one started in a career as a paranormal investigator? For Mr. Eno, a life spent trying to explain the unexplainable began when he was studying for the priesthood in the early 1970s. Along with a group of classmates and friends, Mr. Eno had set out to do some research on an abandoned spot of woods in Connecticut. It was a Sunday afternoon when he and his group heard an ox cart coming through the woods, complete with the sound of hooves hitting the ground and the crack of the driver’s whip. Mr. Eno said the sound of the cart got louder and louder as it seemed to approach the group.

But when it became close enough to be going by, there was nothing. No cart, no driver, only sounds.

This single event lead Mr. Eno to ask a very common question. What is really going on? Any information he received from theology or science wasn’t satisfactory, so he started looking into the paranormal, attempting to find out what could explain what many people consider to be hauntings or other ghostly encounters.

Look for horses, not zebras

What that doesn’t mean, however, is that every ghost story is true. When he hears of paranormal activity, Mr. Eno said he always looks for other explanations. For example, a sound in his own home that might have been considered “ghostly” by some turned out to be a defective fish tank filter.

There are also a few assumptions to set aside, like ghosts are the spirits of the dead.

“We don’t know that,” Mr. Eno said.

And UFOs are from other planets.

“How do you know?” Mr. Eno said.

Additionally, there is no single house or town more “haunted” than another. According to Mr. Eno, the most haunted place is the Earth itself.

“Stem to stern,” he said.

The most practical explanation for what most people consider paranormal activity, Mr. Eno said, is that of quantum mechanics. This theory, in its most basic explanation, states that there is no universe. Instead, there is a “multiverse,” with several or even dozens of worlds existing nearly on top of each other. Occasionally, these worlds intersect leading to a bulk of what some would consider “paranormal activity.”

“It’s not about you. It’s no about me. It’s about us,” Mr. Eno said.

But what about poltergeists and other stereotypically vicious supernatural entities? Mr. Eno didn’t deny they exist, in fact, he recalls being attacked by a particularly aggressive poltergeist during one investigation.

Describing these entities as “parasites,” Mr. Eno said there are about nine different “species.” He added that from his research, some of these species even seem to have genders or consciences.

In the event a parasitic or aggressive paranormal entity appears in your home, Mr. Eno said dealing with it isn’t too much different than going to kindergarten. Families dealing with this situation should pray together, laugh together and hold hands.

In conclusion, Mr. Eno said that one of the biggest misconceptions about experiencing the paranormal is you have to be open-minded. But ultimately, according to Mr. Eno, being open minded has nothing to do with it.

“There’s stuff that’s happened to me, if it didn’t happen to me I wouldn’t have believed it,” he said.

For more information on Mr. Eno, visit www.behindtheparanormal.com
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