2012 Prophet to set record straight at 2009 Secrets conference in Tempe
2012 Prophet to set record straight at 2009 Secrets conference in Tempe
November 15, 2009
Larry Lowe

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Director Roland Emmerich never saw a piece of disaster based CGI that he didn't like. The German born moviemaker flash-froze New York before our eyes in "The Day After Tomorrow", disintegrated the White House with a blast from an alien spaceship in "Independence Day" and has all but scoured mankind off the face of the earth in the visually epic "2012", released Friday. Disaster breeds success. The film brought in $23.7 million on its opening day on 3,404 screens. That’s the highest opening ever for Emmerich and it puts "2012" in line for a weekend total of over $55 million. Emmrich has always maintained he is a filmmaker and not a scientist and 2012 is no exception to that trend. Very little about the film is authentic to the background story he draws upon.

The movie has the Mayan Elders, the Evolver network and crypto-historians everywhere up in arms over the way it plays fast and loose with ancient teachings and the science alleged to provoke the disaster. David Wilcock, the one man who might be able to explain what is really going to happen in 2012 is coming to Tempe next week to keynote the 2009 Secrets Conference.

Talk about good timing.

In Emmerich's latest disaster-fest, rogue neutrinos from an inexplicably active sun melt the substrate layer that keeps the earth's crust generally stable, allowing for the development of a civilization--and beachfront property in Southern California. When the earth's skin gets good and flexible and disconnected from the mantle underneath, a process which is never explained somehow contrives to spin the outer skin of the planet around the inner molten core and then stop it 1000 miles to the east of where it was.

That process induces the Pacific Ocean to slosh across China to over run the Himalayas. Which gives you a sense of scale of the disaster in this unabashed disaster flick to end most disaster flicks. The only thing left in this genre is for the sun to unexpectedly go supernova and vaporize the entire solar system. Emmerich is probably sketching the story boards for that one now.

The movie version of "2012" is a rollicking roller-coaster of a thrill ride in which John Cusak spends most of his time driving something at breakneck speed through a disintegrating landscape of some sort or another, escaping certain doom every 5 minutes or so until the audience is exhausted. This merely when the initial effects of the neutrino storm have softened Earth's skin to the point where the San Andres fault rips apart So-Cal and the Yellowstone super-volcano explodes with a mushroom cloud we have not seen since Indiana Jones had to hide in the icebox to make it to the next scene of the Kingdom of the Crystal Skulls. That much devastation occurs before the massive crustal shift, whose origin is never explained, but is the proximate cause for the near total destruction of mankind, along with most life on earth.

Except for that small body of survivors which is saved by the film's heros, the venal self interest of the super rich, who pay a billion dollars per seat to side-step cosmic catastrophe and the mass-labor industrial might of the Chinese.

The highly anticipated movie is an upgrade to the 1950's George Pal production of "When Worlds Collide" down to the anguish over leaving some souls behind to certain death and the philosophical argument over who gets to chose what part of humanity is saved. The conclusion of both movies is nearly identical, with the fortunate remnants of humanity staring at a new dawn, on a new world, ready to emerge from their ark and begin the process of repopulating the planet and reinventing civilization.

What, you ask, has any of this to do with UFO's?

Just this:

While the blockbuster CGI extravaganza plays fast and loose with science, legend and the plausibility of coincidence to deliver a visually stunning and emotionally taxing couple of hours of entertainment–there is a real concern that somehow, some way, our civilization will be going through a transformation on Dec 21, 2012. On that date a once in a 26,000 year cycle of precession will arrange the galactic core, the galactic equatorial plane, the sun, earth's equatorial plane and some intermediate lensing stars in a momentary perfection of cosmic alignment. On that date, this alignment will only be visible from planet Ear

The Hopi, the Aztec, the Maya, the Inca and other ancient indigenous cultures all have prophetic teachings handed down from the deep past that point to that date as a transition time for humanity--although the nature of that transition is wildly misinterpreted and misunderstood by western civilization. The Mayan Calendar ends on that date and Mayan wisdom says that time as we know it will end. This is a fundamentally different statement from the more common statement that the date represents the end of time, i.e. the end, somehow, of everything.

If human consciousness can alter its perception of time-space it may become able to perceive a much wider reality than it has been limited to thus far.

And that wider reality--along with the ability to manipulate it and emerge from it into our own consensus reality--may be the purview of the UFO's that operate in magical fashion with what seems to be absurdly advanced technology.

There is a larger understanding of how ancient wisdom somehow foretold of a transformation approaching, the implications of the quantum holographic model of the universe, quantum mechanical concepts such as 'spooky action at a distance' and non locality, non-linearity of time and multiple numbers of dimensional universes that is trying to emerge from the collision of science, spirituality and consciousness studies.

It's called Convergence by David Wilcock, who hosted a program on the SyFy channel on 2012 coincident to the release of the big-screen pop culture joy ride through devastation delivered by Emmerich and Universal this weekend.

If alien life of superior intelligence was somehow responsible for the emergence of humanity on the planet; if civilizations such as the Mayan and Anasazi suddenly disappeared en masse because they decided as a society to ascend to a higher plane; if the UFO is a natural part of a larger reality we don't yet have a proper model for—then perhaps somehow all of them and the coming events of 2012 fit together.

David Wilcock thinks he knows how it all the above fits together. Further he thinks he knows what will really happen in 2012. He is finishing a film on the concept of Convergece, which uses a "DaVinci Code"style mystery-thriller narrative to reveal suppressed scientific proof of a unique Source Field that generates and unifies all matter, energy & consciousness. He is uniquely qualified to attempt to foresee the future as Wilcock claims to be the reincarnation of one of the most well known and prolific prophets in American history, Edgar Cayce. Cayce gave over 21,000 readings during a period between 1893 and 1945-—of which roughly 7500 are missing.

David Wilcock will present a special lecture on Convergence on Friday afternoon, Nov 20 from 2 to 5 PM. Wilcock will also keynote the 2009 Secrets Conference on Sunday afternoon.

The 2009 Secrets conference is the latest of a long series of conferences arranged by Chet Snow, the author of Mass Dreams of the Future. If you want to get a glimpse at the reality behind the movie 2012, be in Tempe next week.
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