A Real Life Race to Witch Mountain with UFO Experts Bill Birnes and Giorgio Tsoukalos

A Real Life Race to Witch Mountain with UFO Experts Bill Birnes and Giorgio Tsoukalos
By Troy Rogers and Reg Seeton

n today's ever-advancing age of technology, ahead of the August 4 DVD and Blu-ray release of Race to Witch Mountain, it's not often that you get to talk to a couple of leading UFO experts. So when we were invited to take part in a virtual roundtable with Bill Birnes, publisher of UFO Magazine and host of History's UFO Hunters, and Giorgio Tsoukalos, UFO authority, publisher of Legendary Times Magazine, and the world’s leading Ancient Astronaut expert, we jumped at the chance to pick the brains of Bill and Georgio about extraterrestrial technology, the potential existence of aliens, the possible implications of aliens living among us, abductions, government cover-ups, Roswell, and how they relate to a potential real life Witch Mountain.

Interestingly, both Bill Birnes and Giorgio Tsoukalos have cameos in the Dwayne Johnson toplined Race to Witch Mountain, which has been praised by many ufologists and extraterrestrial experts for its accuracy in portraying advanced alien technology and adhering to the more credible theories that humans are not the only living life forms in the universe.

With Race to Witch Mountain landing on DVD and Blu-ray on August 4, serving up a fascinating Blu-ray bonus feature called "Which Mountain?", our time with Bill Birnes and Giorgio Tsoukalos took us beyond what we know to discover a world of possibilities for one of the more interesting and enthralling chats we've had with anyone in a while.

[Race to Witch Mountain UFO] Whether you believe in UFOs or aliens or not, you can trust that the advances in Race to Witch Mountain are grounded in real world theories about alien visitors and extraterrestrial technology that, as Bill says, " ... is far more realistic and less fantasy oriented than previous Witch Mountain features."

THE DEADBOLT: Are there any Witch Mountains around the world? Perhaps like the Lines in Peru?

BILL BIRNES: Yes. The Nasca Lines in Peru are perhaps the closest thing to Witch Mountain.

THE DEADBOLT: Giorgio, with special effects and technology getting more advanced by the day, what would it take for people to actually believe that there are visitors living among us, even if they did some kind of fantastic feat right in front of us?

[Race to Witch Mountain UFO] GIORGIO TSOUKALOS: Great question, and you hit the nail on the head. The one quote that sums it all up is Arthur C. Clarke's, "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." And that's exactly how it would be like. That's why the Ancient Astronaut Theory makes so much sense because our ancestors were as intelligent as we are today. However, "technologically" speaking, they had a different frame of reference.

Imagine this: let's say you could meet Julius Caesar for an afternoon and you brought your laptop with you. As we would all agree, Julius Caesar was a HIGHLY intelligent man. However, after your departure, he'd go to his contemporaries and tell them what he just experienced. He'd tell them that someone showed up with a "magical tablet" that "glowed in mysterious colors" and with this magical tablet one could "see the world without moving an inch." Well, what if I told you that the ancient texts are filled with references to "glowing stones," etc? Remember, our ancestors didn't have the necessary "vocabulary" for certain items, so they HAD to "describe" stuff with whatever words were at their disposal.

THE DEADBOLT: Can you talk about the fine line between Stealth technology and what people believe to be UFOs and the possible differences that prove more advanced technology like we see in the movie?

[Race to Witch Mountain UFO] BIRNES: We believe that the our military is way beyond Stealth technology. In fact, many of the triangular craft that people see are probably neutral buoyancy huge craft that can cloak themselves and display images of themselves to fool observers into thinking they are moving off at hyper speed. We reverse engineered technology from the Roswell craft fifty years ago that we are still experimenting with today.

THE DEADBOLT: Bill, what's the difference from a UFO consciousness standpoint that you've seen between the early Witch Mountain movies and this one?

BIRNES: This version is far more realistic and less fantasy oriented than previous Witch Mountain features. It's fascinating to see so much real ufology, real UFO lore, in this film. It gives it a breadth and an urgency that is new to Witch Mountain features. From a UFO consciousness point of view, it's exciting to see a blend between old-time, exciting entertainment and the world that I work in every day.

THE DEADBOLT: Giorgio, do you see a connection to aliens and the afterlife, when people die?

TSOUKALOS: Not really, because in my opinion there is no connection. I am convinced that also advanced extraterrestrials have the SAME question as we do in regards to life and death, and God.

THE DEADBOLT: If advanced alien spacecraft technology exists, how will we be able to tell when our technology and alien technology meet to become one?

BIRNES: Some folks say they already have. We have the ability, with secret weapons, to travel at incredible speeds, we have actual matter transporters, and quite possibly, have experimented with time travel.

THE DEADBOLT: Are there any aspects of Sumerian culture that exist in our world today that lend credibility to ancient civilizations, UFOs, and current technology, or technology that we saw in the film?

[Race to Witch Mountain UFO] BIRNES: Sure. The Sumerians had very advanced municipal utilities systems such as water supply. They captured images of ships and travelers from the heavens in their art and in their glyphs and cuneiforms. The entire legend of creation conforms with star people coming to earth and settling here.

THE DEADBOLT: How do you view the theories of [Whitley] Streiber, [Zacharia] Sitchin, Stanton [Friedman], and the many experts? Are they all somehow related or should we be looking at them as seperate?

BIRNES: Streiber talks about personal abductions in his life and how the government tries to cover up the presence of E.T.s. Stan talks about the science of UFOs and the reality of Roswell. And Sitchin, of course, talks about the Sumerians and the missing planets whose orbits created havoc on our planet. These theories all blend and do not compete with each other.

THE DEADBOLT: As far as entertainment and UFOs, how did you view the old series Project Blue Book (Project UFO)? Was there a lot we learned from that?

BIRNES: One of my favorite series that I would like to see remade knowing what we know now about these cases.

THE DEADBOLT: Have you noticed that most of the sightings of UFOs are of the same type of ship, or is there a UFO type that pops up more often than not?

BIRNES: At first, people were seeing delta shaped or soft crescent shaped craft. In the 1950s, there were the traditional flying saucer shaped craft. In the '60s and '70s people saw cigar shaped craft, and today most people see giant flying triangles.

THE DEADBOLT: Why do you think Mexico has been experiencing so many sightings over that last decade or so? What is it about that part of the world that seems to attract these visitors?

[Race to Witch Mountain UFO] BIRNES: I want to say there is something about Mexico that attracts them. But I think we in the U.S. experience many of the same craft, but we don't talk about them the way the Mexican media covers them. If we had a newscaster like Jaime Mausson, maybe we would be hearing a lot more about local UFO sightings and more people would come forward.

THE DEADBOLT: Throughout time and technology, it seems the Carthage, Romans, Egyptians, and other cultures all had various forms of advanced technology and engineering at the same time, or much earlier than each other, as in centuries. Is there some type of extraterrestrial connection or influence, or does that say more about man?

BIRNES: I would like to believe, although I do not know, that some cultures were seeded technologically by E.T.s for purposes we could not understand. Was our destiny shaped by creatures from other planets who wanted our society to evolve to a certain point? If so, giving technologies to certain competing cultures would have been the way to do it.

THE DEADBOLT: I've heard [theories that] aliens are simply here to subtly observe, as in watching from the background, yet there seems to be a fine line with so many sightings. What's the objective or end goal from an alien standpoint, that you've found?

BIRNES: Many of us think the goal is hybridization of the species, the blending of human and alien hybrid DNA from generation to generation to create a species with alien psychology and psychic powers in a completely indistinguishable human body. This is the theory of one of my colleagues, Dr. David Jacobs. He has proposed that aliens are far more sinister than we think because they want to make us extinct, replaced by one of their own hybridized species.

THE DEADBOLT: For the most part, what do you think people believe in more, abductions or UFO sightings?

BIRNES: I think it's UFO sightings by a wide margin. Most people think abductions are some other kind of phenomenon. However, those who claim to have been abducted or contacted have no qualms about stepping up to say that there are far more abductions than people think there are.

THE DEADBOLT: Have either of you ever talked to Nasa astronauts? If so, what are some of the incredible stories they've told? I assume they've seen things we've never even heard of?

TSOUKALOS: Yes, in fact, Ed Mitchell has gone VERY public about not only are we not alone, but that they've been here all along. Mitchell is the most outspoken of the NASA astronauts. I admire him for his courage.

THE DEADBOLT: In relation to Witch Mountain and a possible "race" to a potential real life Witch Mountain, is there a connection to any 2012 scenarios as far as aliens or an advanced race, or is it all scientific?

BIRNES: Insofar as a race to a real Witch Mountain may be a reality, if it is apocalyptic, somehow related to the existence of the human race and it's destiny, salvation, or destruction, then there could be a 2012 connection. What we don't know is whether 2012 is a fiction because the Mayans simply stopped their calendar or whether 2012 means that our solar system is simply crossing the plane of the galaxy and the calendar has to restart or go backwards.

THE DEADBOLT: If either of you were an alien, would you admit it?

BIRNES: There are aliens on earth who keep their identities very secret. I am sure that some of them work with the government. On the other hand, I've spoken to some who readily admit they're E.T.s.
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