A ghost is a ghost is a ghost - Not if you have done your homework

A ghost is a ghost is a ghost - Not if you have done your homework
by Wendy Garrett

Not only do we need to ask more questions about what we perceive to be reality, we need to ask better questions.

Truth is, ghosts don’t just hang in one spot, and beyond that, not every encounter that feels like a haunting is a ghost. Some paranormal encounters involve contact with non-corporeal life forms. Non-corporeal beings do not have a physical form nor have they existed in one. They are alive in spirit, with the ability to influence energetic and vibratory elements and communicate with those who are sensitive. They can share thoughts and information.

In my experience, non-corporeal life forms are intelligent energy beings and very much aware of their space and surroundings; however, not always aware of the inconvenience or discomfort caused in trying to investigate or make contact with a living person.

A friend recently reminded me of a visit I paid to her house a few years ago. She told me her daughter was experiencing some odd things in her room and asked if I could check it out. And that was all I knew.

They had expanded the house by adding an addition and extending one of the bedrooms. Prior to that, and something she had told no one, she had spent a terrifying night in the room that was now the newly revamped quarters for her very creative and musically talented child. She wrote off her encounter to imagination but also assumed any revamping would have fixed the non-problem. It didn’t.

Sitting alone in the space, I could feel the presence of a wonderful loving connection but there was more than just one. It seemed to be a family of beings who were attracted by the activities and the energy of the girl. The information they wanted me to relay was very simple but first I had to perform a task.

I asked where the "Katie doll" was. My friend didn’t seem to have any idea what I was talking about. There was nothing fitting that description in the room. I asked for more information from the energies and they informed me what I needed to get was in the basement by the rocker.

Again, the friend said there was nothing like that in the basement. I then told her I needed to go see anyway and, mortified because that was the last place she cleaned up for company and preferred to keep that area private, she said, "Please don’t go there."

I promised her that housekeeping wasn’t what this was about. I had been told the doll could be found there and finding her was part of the duty I needed to perform to connect with the energies to let them know I understood their information.

When I got down to the basement, I quickly went to the room the doll was in and picked her up out of a box that showed the top of her head. She had been placed beside a rocking horse. A collectible doll, her name was “Katie.”

My friend’s daughter wasn’t much for playing with dolls so she had completely forgotten about the doll and certainly hadn’t remembered where it was or connected “rocker” and “rocking horse.”

The message from the energies was that they really liked Katy (the daughter) and watched over her. They wanted the family to know there was no intention to cause harm and they had no awareness that their presence had caused any dis-ease or discomfort. They just wanted to make contact and enjoyed the activity.

After that visit, the energy retreated to the background.

An interesting footnote: The best time for me to make that vist happened to be Thanksgiving Day. I have begun to realize that, for me, is a wonderful day to ask for and receive blessings. And so it goes.
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