'Alien sightings' called a hoax

'Alien sightings' called a hoax
August 22, 2009
by Kevin Ozebek

NORTH PORT: The North Port man who claims his home is being visited by aliens has been exposed as a fraud. The paranormal investigator looking into this case says the homeowner made the whole thing up to make a quick buck.

Mike Rowley's story hasn't changed.

"These reptilians are gung ho travelers of outer space," he explained.

But paranormal investigator Eric Patterson says he isn't buying it.

"This is definitely a hoax, definitely a hoax," said Patterson.

He says Rowley's alien encounter claims are far-fetched. And when it comes to the so called cast of an alien footprint Rowley showed us a few weeks ago Patterson said, "Nice try. Basically, it looks like a gopher hole."

But Rowley is convinced he has something unique.

Rowley: I have the only devil's foot print in the world.
Reporter Kevin Ozebek: [Patterson] says that's a gopher hole.
Rowley: So what? I don't give a flip.

Patterson says his investigation didn't reveal extraterrestrials, just a scheme to make some extra cash.

Rowley is now selling $22 alien T-shirts on his website and he is also trying to sell the plaster cast he made of the supposed footprint to the highest bidder. He hopes to bring in $1-million for it.

Ozebek: Are you making this up for money?
Rowley: No. I'm not making this up for money.
Ozebek: Are you exaggerating this for money?
Rowley: No, I'm not making this up for money. But I don't mind making some money.

Rowley says he'll soon be leaving North Port and his home is up for sale. He says he's moving to Alaska. His reason for moving there, he says, is that aliens don't like the cold.
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