Andrew Beckham - S.P.I.
Founder of Southeast Paranormal Investigations, Andrew Beckham has been pushing the limits when it comes to creating new techniques to acquire tangible evidence during an Investigation. Andrew & S.P.I. have been filming ‘Extreme Ghost Hunting’ which will definitely show the positive and negative sides of doing these things during investigations. Putting himself in dangerous and sometimes life threatening situations by re-creating traumatic events on location to heighten activity has everyone talking Worldwide. “Nobody ever got anywhere by playing it safe” has always been his motto and he does not recommend others attempting his over the top methods. “Understanding first what we are dealing with allows me to know how far to push” Andrew states, and the documented evidence they have collected has been unbelievable. Andrew is speaking at Paranormal Conferences, Conventions & Universities all over the world, and his lectures bring a powerful message about what is truly out there and leaves everyone with something more to think about.
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