British UFO Hacker Gary Mckinnon: What did He Find at NASA?

British UFO Hacker Gary Mckinnon: What did He Find at NASA?
May 10, 2010
Grant Lawrence

Gary Mckinnon wanted to know what the US government knows about UFOs. He also had a suspicion that the US had advanced energy systems that could be used to help humanity.

So he made a big mistake.

He hacked into US government military and NASA computers in order to find out. Mckinnon says that it was quite easy to hack into US government computers and he is no genius.

Eventually Mckinnon got caught. Or he says he told the government about the security lapses. He is now facing extradition to the US where he might spend the rest of his life in US prisons. The computer hacker is being painted by the US government as the most dangerous hacker of all time.

Mckinnon says he was just trying to get a glimpse beyond the technological iron curtain of the US National Security State. He was not trying to harm anyone.

There have been numerous attempts to stop Gary Mckinnon’s extradition to the US and so far it looks as if he will lose. Unfortunately, Mckinnon and his family say that he suffers from Asberger’s Disease and he is a shy and emotionally frail man. All that know him say he wouldn’t hurt a fly.

But what is making the US government so adamant about bringing Mckinnon to justice in the US?

Maybe it is because Gary Mckinnon spilled the beans on what he saw and he shouldn’t have.

What was Gary Mckinnon looking for at NASA?

“Suppressed evidence of reverse engineered UFO technology, free energy that would help to stop climate change and would help to stop old age pensioners from dying of cold… and also evidence of anti-gravity, he says”What did Gary Mckinnon find?

“A space fleet and an impressive UFO and a total lack of Nasa and military internet security, which I found truly shocking which is why I alerted them via cyber notes,” he says.

Mckinnon has said consistently in numerous interviews that the US has advanced Space Fleets that are capable of star travel. He has never backed down from his assertions. Maybe Mckinnon has not said all he knows.

So as the Gulf is flooding in oil, Mckinnon says he found advanced technology that is helping American Star Fleets travel through space. It could be that this secret technology could easily be moving the world off fossil fuels in the present, but that would mean there is too much oil that will be left in the ground.

Secret technologies are evidently supposed to be secret no matter how it would benefit humanity.

Gary Mckinnon will likely pay the ultimate price for his curiosity and good intentions with decades of jail time in the US. Gary and his family say that it will kill him.

Perhaps Gary is not the one that should be in jail.
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