Cardiff History and Hauntings
The Llandaff (Cardiff) Ghost Tour

Llandaff: the ancient city within the modern city of Cardiff. Its narrow streets, pubs, and crumbling ruins create the atmosphere of a sleepy forgotten village, dominated by an ancient Cathedral, and one of Britain’s oldest Christian sites, near the banks of the river Taff. It is hard to believe you are just a 10 minute bus ride from Cardiff city centre.

However, behind the peace and quiet of Llandaff lies a turbulent past of war, plunder, disaster, and tragedy. Little wonder then that this tiny hamlet is teaming with stories, legends, and hauntings, ancient and modern.

This is a ghost walk with a difference - you are in a city but can enjoy a mystical rural atmosphere, a Cardiff ghost tour in an ancient village setting - just a 10 minute bus ride from Cardiff Castle. A rich array of tales awaits you: an ancient Celtic spirit, a portent of death, which rises from the marshland; mysterious lights and misty forms with a life of their own still seen in the cemetery and on the river bank; ghostly sightings of those who perished long ago in the river – by accident, suicide or murder - and the ghosts of those who still search for them in vain.

All these and many more tales, ancient and modern, await!

In case it all gets too much, end the evening with spirits of a different kind, in one of Llandaff’s many pubs!
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