Comprehending paranormal experiences

Comprehending paranormal experiences
April 14, 2010
Suparna Thombare

Mumbai: An ophthalmologist by profession, Dr Mehra Shrikhande’s experiences starting from her childhood days pulled her towards the paranormal world. In her recent book, Paranormal Experiences — Beyond the Realms of Reason, she shares the journey of how she started as a lay person and ended up exploring the world outside the range of normal experiences.

Near death experiences
Shrikhande was very keen on understanding what exactly happens when your spirit leaves the body and moves towards the other side of life. So she spent many days in the hospital, sitting next to seriously ill patients, asking them how they were feeling. “Only two to three out of all those patients had the near death experience. I got stories from other people who had gone through it too. And most of their descriptions matched,” says Shrikhande.

Most, she says, experienced floating above their own body, hovering near the ceiling and seeing their bodies lying below. They would see all the efforts the doctors were making to revive them before they decided to go back into their bodies. “Many also spoke about the feeling of travelling through a tunnel towards light and meeting their dead relatives who told them it was not yet time for them to cross over or that they had unfinished business left,” she adds.

“If you are not naturally psychic, experiencing hauntings can be difficult,” says Shrikhande. She remembers though that a grandmother of hers moved into a house which was known in the neighbourhood for being haunted. “But as things turned out, it was a good spirit. It even saved the husband from an accident, as the spirit would communicate with the wife. Thus, we need to understand that there are good spirits and bad spirits,” she says. Shrikhande also went to various haunted places with her guides. “Honestly, I never saw anything. But I did feel the energies or the presence of someone in some places,” she admits.

Out-of-body experience It is said that one’s spirit can leave the body and travel. Theories say the dreams you see are through travelling to various planes. “Once my doctor friends had an experience of travelling to other rooms when asleep. There are experiences of astral projection. But these are psychic powers one has to tap into if not naturally gifted,” she says.

Automated writings
Shrikhande has also done regression therapy to understand her life and spiritual self better. She also took training for automated writing. “This is the one thing you should take proper training for. It could be dangerous if a negative spirit comes. I did a lot of meditation and had professionals to guide me. Slowly, I started putting pen to paper,” she says.

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