Crop Circles Finally Deciphered -- New Book Offers Interpretations for Over 1000 Crop Circles

Crop Circles Finally Deciphered -- New Book Offers Interpretations for Over 1000 Crop Circles
March 3, 2009

CARLISLE, Iowa, Mar 3, 2009 (GlobeNewswire via COMTEX) -- For the last 25 years a new unexplained phenomenon, the crop circle, has appeared across the world, but particularly in England. Stalks of various grains have been bent, swirled, and interleaved (without breaking) into simple and complex circular patterns which have no explanation. This unsolved mystery currently ranks only behind UFOs in the number of manifestations occurring in countries across the globe.
Using the 2002 edition of the Andrews Crop Circle Catalogue, Kenneth M. Heck in his book The Heck Hypothesis analyzes and interprets over 1000 circles as evidence from aliens of their intention to guide a series of comets to strike this planet. Mankind as a rational species is thus being prophetically forewarned of the unavoidable future so advance preparations may be made. Using personal and biblical prophecy plus the crop circles themselves, The Heck Hypothesis derives approximate dates and locations for the global impacts.
This controversial explanation for genuine crop circles is accompanied by a new theory of the nature of comet impacts and their relation to organic life on earth. According to Heck, comets intentionally guided to strike this planet have been occurring since the simplest living organisms appeared billions of years ago. They are, in fact, a necessary part of the evolution of life into higher forms, and in the past have also been a tool for relieving excess heat generated by the earth's core.
Heck asserts that sexual reproduction and the skull-and-spine shape of higher animals have arisen from the primordial shape of the comet. He also offers a number of signs or omens concerning impending comet strikes such as the New York ball drop, the universal popularity of ball games, and the rapid advance in weapons of war from personal firearms to the nuclear bomb.
The Heck Hypothesis is a must-read for everyone fascinated by crop circles, the potential for asteroid or comet strikes, prophecy, and the ultimate nature of life on this planet.
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