Custom Astro Charts
Since my first memory, I can remember being interested in the question, why! Why are we here, and what is our purpose? What I have always known is that I have always had an involved interest in Astrology and what governs people on earth. Luckily, the universe has provided us with a road map to warn and influence us in situations in our lives so that we might make the right decisions to get the best results. I have been doing charts in a nonprofessional capacity since I was about fifteen, perhaps younger. I also have a psychic gift. I dream and things come to me from the environment and help me know things a person would not normally know. Astrology is a wonderful tool for me. For some reason, it helps me tune into who I am reading and innately know things I otherwise may not be able to tap into. Let me draft you a road map to guide you in your journey on this earth. Check out my suggested readings on my blog, you too can learn to draft charts. Most of the books are available used and cheap. Its a wonderful craft to know!
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