Demon or 'knot'

Demon or 'knot'
February 3, 2009
by Debe Branning

A very good friend of mine traveled to Arizona from back East in search of a house she could turn into a bed and breakfast. Instead she found a bed and breakfast she could turn into a house! She was excited about purchasing the older home and began to do some upgrades right away. Like any new homeowner, she had a hard time getting use to the creaks and noises of the new residence. Shortly after she settled in, I received a phone call about a problem that was making her a little apprehensive.
“Can you come over and check out my house?” she asked me, “There is something strange on the outside of one of my bedroom doors.”

“On the door”? I was puzzled.

“Ya,” she said with a pause, “Every time I walk down the hallway, I see this thing on the door that looks like a devil.”

I hopped in my car and drove over to my friend’s new home. It was in a very nice neighborhood and I didn’t pick up any bad vibes about the house walking up to the front door. My friend ushered me in and gave me the tour of the former boarding house.

“Where’s the door?” I asked poking my head down the hallway.

“Oh, I had my husband remove it from the door frame,” she explained, “It’s out back in the storage shed now…come on and I’ll show you.”

We walked out to the fine manicured lawn and down the path to the tin storage shed. She unlocked the door and slowly opened it. She flicked on the overhead light and stood back. The heavy door was in a corner propped up against an old sewing machine and boxes of Halloween decorations.

“Awesome!” was my first response.

“You don’t think it looks menacing?” she cautiously stood in the doorway.

“Well…I can see what you are saying,” I laughed and snapped a picture of the door with my digital camera, “I see the eyes and head…the arms and legs…and feet with hooves…sure, it looks like a demon door to me!”

But, on the other hand, it also looked like a big owl or maybe a space alien. It was a fine piece of maple with an artistic wood grain design, indeed!

“Great” she moaned, “Just what I thought.”

“So what are you going to do with it?” I asked and took a couple more photos.

“Um,” she paused, “I thought I might be able to sell it to somebody on EBAY”

“Well, let me know,” I laughed heading back to the house, “If you don’t get any buyers, I will take it off your hands.”

I downloaded the demon door pictures and forwarded them to all my ghost hunting friends around the country. Everyone thought it was the coolest door ever! Many of them wished they could become the owner of the door. Several weeks past and my hopes of having the demon door in my possession seemed rather slim. But one day, my friend called and left a message telling me I could come by her house and load up the demon door any time I wanted to. I guess shipping and handling became a major selling issue for those bidding on the heavy door.


Kenton I immediately drove to my friend’s home. We wrapped and loaded up the demon door before my friend decided to chop it up with an ax and use it for fire wood. Kenton, a carpenter by trade, was impressed with the heavy maple wood door and its twisted knots and wood grain. We had plans to hang it in our own home, but the demon door was too large for our door frames.

I immediately emailed my ghost hunting buddies to let them know I was now the proud owner of demon door. Within hours I was the envy of all the paranormal investigators I knew in the country. Some suggested I should open a tourist attraction in Arizona where travelers from all over the world could come and marvel at this supernatural wonder!

Fearing the demon door could possibly become the next Jesus on a tortilla phenomenon, I nixed that idea. Demon door is now a security door in my garage. Who would want to cross the path of that spooky face in the threshold after dark? Believe it or knot!

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