EDITORIAL: Weird Destin: Is the truth out there?

EDITORIAL: Weird Destin: Is the truth out there?
October 30, 2009
The Destin Log.com

"I hope that Eglin Air Force Base is testing something." — Fisherman to UFOinfo.com

Should we rename ourselves The World’s Spookiest Fishing Village?

There are many tall tales of ghosts, UFOs and other oddities from every part of the world. Destin is no exception when it comes to these close encounters of the strange kind.

Ghosts of America, a Web site that chronicles haunted happenings around the nation, maintains that Destin is a haunted hotspot.

While most of the so-called sightings seem like nonsense, Destin’s Holiday Inn seems to have emerged as a favorite ghost story setting. There have been a couple of accounts from commenters of strange events there.

Both so-called eye-witnesses awoke in their rooms to see ghosts, including a “tall black shadow of a man standing at the end of the bed,” and a “transparent little boy who smiles sweetly and has long eyelashes.”
It only gets weirder from there.

It would appear that even the extra-terrestrials vacation in Destin, because there are multiple accounts of UFOs flying around our skies on the Web site UFOinfo.com. One tale tells of a “triangular shaped object flying around at tremendous speeds in the early hours of the morning.” According to the story, this UFO looks similar to a flock of birds flying in formation, but can “blend into cloud coverage,” has “lights running along each side” and travels at a speed of “half a mile in five seconds.”

Another account described a UFO that appeared as a “green light” and was seen moving very rapidly and then suddenly stopping all around the Gulf of Mexico.

And of course there was the 1987 abduction that was reported to have happened near Destin. A 5-year old boy was sleeping on the couch late at night when a short robot-like entity approached and apparently floated him up into a hovering disc-shaped object that was above a nearby clearing in the woods. He remembered being medically examined onboard the craft. He was apparently picked up the next day also and given a post-hypnotic suggestion that made his throat hurt when he talked about the incident.

And if you are not yet a true believer, consider longtime Rodeo Weighmaster Bruce Cheves’ tale. He’s been telling everyone who will listen on the Rodeo docks about the UFO he saw a week ago at twilight.

It came from the east and took on three different shapes as it passed by from Holiday Isle to just past the jetties, he says. The first shape was like an X, he said, with bright lights at each of the corners and center. Then it morphed into an egg shape with purple, red, green and gold lights.

“It was very bright,” Cheves said. “And it never made a sound. It just filled up the sky and was so bright.”

Bruce was so inspired he created a UFO division for the Destin Fishing Rodeo.

So far, his entry is the only one on the leaderboard.
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