East Coast Paranormal Investigative Company
Our Company is centrally located on the east coast of the United States in Newport News, Virginia. We provide paranormal investigative and research services to the eastern United States and wherever else our service may be needed.

What sets our company apart from the other paranormal investigators that you may have seen on t.v. or in your local area is that we are a professional organization. Most of the other paranormal investigators around are either weekend clubs or just groups of friends with an interest in the paranormal. Our company is a full-time paranormal investigative service with an integrated research team. Our company has many years of combined professional investigative experience ranging in all levels of paranormal activity.

We offer a full range of paranormal services from comprehensive on site in person investigations to reviewing and examination of evidence that is mailed or e-mailed to us by the client. None of our services come with a set price tag attached to them but we do suggest that you make a donation to our company in whatever amount you can afford and deem to be reasonable for the situation. We offer our services in this manner so that everyone who needs our assistance can afford to get the help they require for their situation.

If you believe that you require our assistance we can be reached at the following:

Phone us at:(757) 775-1931 or E-mail us at: SpiritTrackers@gmail.com

If you feel like our services could help you in any way please do not hesitate to contact us by either the phone number or email above. When you contact us please be prepared with your name, location, contact info and a brief description of your situation and what you might like to have us do for you. If you get our voice mail system when you call please don't be discouraged because many times we are out at a location or busy researching a case. Please leave the information requested above in a message and we will contact you usually within 24 hours of your message.

Always remember that no matter how bad you believe your situation to be, we are here to help and you are not alone in the situation.

*** However, it does cost a lot of money to keep our company working full-time for our clients and to afford the high tech tools that it takes to provide our clients with the highest quality services available. We also have a lot of traveling expenses when doing on site investigations. Please remember all of these factors when determining what would be a fair donation to us in return for our services. In this way you can help us keep all of our services available and affordable to everyone.***
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