Extreme Paranormal Investigators Consortium, Incorporated
EPIC - Extreme Paranormal Investigators Consortium, Incorporated is a legally registered non-profit organization based in the Worcester, Massachusetts area. We conduct paranormal investigations and research into parapsychological entities such as Ghosts, Spirits, and inhuman entities in order to attempt to provide answers to the client as to what they may be experiencing that they believe is parapsychological paranormal activity, as well as to resolve the activity. Extreme Paranormal Investigators Consortium, Inc. team’s investigative & research approach is a combination of scientific, pseudo-scientific, & secular spiritual methodology. We provide our services to our clients at no cost. We do accept donations which will be used solely for the operational costs of our organization. The staff are volunteers & are not paid. If you would like to contact EPIC, Inc. with any questions please do so by using the “Contact Us” link below.
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