Former law enforcement officer does past life regression in Omaha!

Former law enforcement officer does past life regression in Omaha!
February 12, 2:15 PM
by Patricia Ress

t's well-known that hypnosis can be used for weight-loss, relaxation and stress control, to stop smoking and other practical things. But it can also be used to recall one's past lifetimes. But is that useful? Psychologists are beginning to think so! If you were strangled to death in a past life, for example, it might explain your aversion to wearing tight jewelery, scarves,etc. Things of that nature.

Welch of Omaha is a former law enforcement officer who is discovering the value of this."I never believed in reincarnation before,"Welch commented."But I am slowly changing my mind. I have seen some things that are pretty convincing. I had one person describe a mountain in her past life. She also described the area. Later when she moved to a different state, she told me that she saw the mountain for the first time in her(present) life. I have also heard people(hypnotized) who speak with foreign accents. This was really prominent with one woman who supposedly had been an Irish nun."

What were most of his clients in past lives? "Pretty ordinary." He commented."If this was imagination, fantasy, or wishful thinking I would expect to see lots of kings, queens, and famous historical figures. But that isn't the case. I have had an assortment of bums, housewives, teachers-but no Cleopatras, King Tuts or Napoleans. At the end of a past-life reading, I take my subjects to the death scene and they all report going into spiritual form. Then they meet a spirit master. He is not out to chew you out for anything-just point out what you did-kind of like a life review. With the exception of the tunnel and bright light, this is similar to most aspects of the near-death experience. I avoid asking them pointed or leading questions and stick with things like 'is it day or night' or 'so what happened next'-that sort of thing."

So what about suicide? "People who say they've committed suicide in past lives don't paint a pretty picture of what they encounter. For anyone contemplating this, I would ask them if they really want to come back and go through everything all over again. I would advise people to work out their problems and treat other human beings as well as they can," he insisted.
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