Ghost Divers Ghost hunters of the deep

Ghost Divers Ghost hunters of the deep
May 19, 2009

What lurks beneath the sea?

A team of skilled divers that search for the paranormal are turning their attention to a ship wreck off the coast of in St. Petersburg, Florida to find out.

Ghost Pros Paranormal is the nations largest franchise of it's kind.

The divers spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on equipment, from SONAR underwater listening devises to high definition cameras that capture sights and sounds around places where there have been deaths.

They'll spend the next few weeks monitoring the St. Petersburg wreck.

It sank in the 1960s, and several suspected drug dealers on board drowned.

Team captain Lee Erhlich says you have to know what the seas sounds like normally before you know if you're hearing the paranormal.

The paranormal divers don't make their money looking for ghosts.

They are hired by municipalities for search and rescue missions, and the cross over equipment they've developed is sought after worldwide.

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