Ghost-busters head to Mpuma

Ghost-busters head to Mpuma
Siphiwe Nyathi
News 24

Ngodwana - A team of ghost-busters will be in Kaapsehoop, Mpumalanga, this weekend to investigate the ghost of a girl who allegedly appears frequently at a restaurant in the village.

Supernatural Phenomena Investigation Team South Africa (SPITSA) will visit Salvador Bistro to see if they can get to the bottom of the ghostly appearances.

Restaurant owner Nicola Wilson said the ghost that appears in her restaurant is one of many that haunt the village.

"I have seen ghosts around here since I was little," said Wilson.

Ghosts sit at bar

Apart from the little girl, Wilson says other ghosts will suddenly appear sitting at the bar, and then disappear moments later when they are noticed.

She has a large collection of photos taken at the bistro in which orbs (energy sources with electromagnetic fields) are clearly visible.

Villager Jackson Ngombe said there is the ghost of a little girl that climbs up onto people's laps and strokes their hair. He said he has also seen the ghost of a woman who reportedly killed her husband with an axe in the 1990s.

"Believe me, this village is a haven for ghosts. I don't like walking alone at night. Sometimes when I do, I feel the hair on my neck rising up," said Ngombe.

Ngombe, who works for a plantation company in the area, has lived in Kaapsehoop for more than 20 years.

"Many people try to take pictures of the ghosts but they don't come out on the photos," he said.

The unexplained

SPITSA is a recently formed group of ghost-busters who are willing to share their experiences of the paranormal with anyone who is interested.

They investigate reports of ghosts and use scientific methods to prove or disprove the presence of paranormal phenomena, free of charge.

Kaapsehoop and surrounding areas have long been the focus of investigators of paranormal phenomena, so much so that Afrikaans pay-channel kykNET produced a programme called Die Onverklaarbare (the unexplained) in the village last year.

According to producer Dante Laudati, the show will be aired in April this year and is "definitely worth the watch".

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