Ghostbusters to inspect doomed Caesar’s nightclub

Ghostbusters to inspect doomed Caesar’s nightclub
26th January 2009
by Matt Watts
Streatham Guardian

Ghostbusters are visiting a nightclub earmarked for demolition to determine once and for all whether it is haunted.

If you see something strange in the neighbourhood next Friday the 13th, it could well be teams of paranormal investigators who will be scoping Caesar’s nightclub in Streatham for ghosts.

Different spook detectives from throughout England were invited by owner Fred Batt for a final inspection of the historic venue in Streatham High Road before it is knocked down.

Staff at the club are said to have reported unidentified footsteps along the club’s corridors, unexplained dark shapes moving across rooms, doors opening on their own, and the appearance of a ghostly woman.

Now ghostbusters, who are inviting members of the public along to join them, are heading there on Friday, February 13, to follow in the footsteps of the spirit hunters of TV's Most Haunted, who filmed a show at the venue in 2003.

Trevor Wellor, from the Cleveland Paranormal Investigators, said: “We have a number of reasons to believe the club is haunted and whenever a building is about to be knocked down paranormal activity increases. There is a very good chance we will pick up some paranormal activity.”

He said Ruth Ellis - the last woman to be hung in Britain and who once worked at the club - is suspected of being the ghostly woman seen by staff members, while he suspects the Kray twins, who were once celebrity guests, could be haunting the venue too.

The paranormal investigators will take groups of people round the club, carrying out seances, vigils, and communicating with spirits so they move glasses, and tip tables, according to Mr Wellor.

He said a medium will also allow any spirits present to communicate.

Ghostbusting gadgets such as electro-magnetic field detectors will also be employed by the investigators - all who have paranormal investigative qualifications - to prove the existence of the undead.

Mr Ellis said he preferred sceptics to come on the hunts because their whole purpose was to prove to people that paranormal activity does occur.

He said: “85 per cent of people who go out with us have some kind of paranormal experience. Come down and see for yourselves.”

The event will take place at the nightclub from 8pm until 4am and tickets cost £45.

For more information visit or call 01429 880 604.

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