Ghostly rumors continue to haunt

Ghostly rumors continue to haunt
April 29, 2009

EDMOND — There seems to be an excess of TV shows about ghost hunting and things that go bump in the night.
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The cable shows follow paranormal research teams as they investigate supposed haunted places. These programs feature a lot of night vision camera shots, quick edits (like someone is getting out of there fast) and investigators saying, "I think I feel something.”

Rumors of ghosts roaming Central Middle School halls have been haunting Edmond for years.

The original building, which was home to Edmond High School, was built in 1956 on Section 36, land set aside as Edmond’s School Land. Supposedly, land surrounding the site was the final resting place for a few folks in the late 1880s.

Stories have been told of a woman dressed in Victorian clothing floating through Central Middle School at night. Some claim they have heard voices or footsteps.

I’ve heard some people have seen or heard unexplainable things at the old first territorial prison and Stone Lion Inn in Guthrie.

When I was a teen, my friends and I used to scare each other at a cemetery out in the country. I never saw a ghost, but the glow of cows’ eyes in the middle of nowhere can make your hair stand up.

I’ll admit I’m a skeptic, but I do believe in a spirit realm. I just don’t think the dearly departed hang out in schools or abandoned buildings.
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