Hans and Alexandra Holzer

Hans and Alexandra Holzer
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Amityville Files: What first attracted you to the Amityville case and how did you first hear about the story?

Hans Holzer: I read the case in the papers and then later was contacted.

AF: Can you tell us your first impressions of the house when you arrived?

HH: I don’t get impressions as I am not a medium. My job was to investigate the facts.

AF: Tell us a little bit about Ethel Johnson Myers and how she was affected by this case?

HH: Ethel immediately picked up on an Indian Chief and his grievances. She said there was a tomb nearby the house and it was disturbed.

AF: While investigating the house, is it true bullet holes from the DeFeo murders remained in the house?

HH: I cannot disclose to much more as I am currently dealing with people in England on my never seen project in January. But, my new book really gathers up all the information well and with integrity to the case and those involved.

AF: What if any paranormal activity did you find during your investigation?

HH: None as it wasn’t a haunted house. The land was the problem.

AF: How did you first become involved with Ronald DeFeo Jr.? Did he contact you?

HH: As an investigator, I spoke with many witnesses and that led me to two visits in prison with Ronald.

AF: What were your impressions of Ronald DeFeo Jr when you first met him?

HH: I felt he was psychic and open enough to have been taken over, which he was.

AF: Do you believe Mr. DeFeo committed the murders single handedly on November 13th, 1974?

HH: Yes.

AF: How can you explain the fact that there have been no reports of supernatural occurrences at the home today?

HH: Because it was never haunted to begin with. And after time passes, things change and dissipate. You would have to go back again and do another walk through with a good medium.

AF: Why do you think the popularity of this case continues to grow, after over 30 years?

HH: In 1903, another house stood there as the land was always the issue. Not the house. People think it was a haunted house but there were no ghosts. It sits a top of a tomb and that’s all there’s too it.

AF: Do you believe this case is cursed in some way?

HH: My new book is out called “Murder in Amityville: Fact or Fiction” by Barnes and Noble. This can answer many of these and more questions.

Amityville Files: What was it like growing up with Hans Holzer as a father? Was there ever any ghost stories told at bedtime?

Alexandra Holzer: Thank God I was able to publish “Growing Up Haunted” because that answers that question right there! Both my parents contributed to growing up in a vortex of paranormal atmospheric activity that one can only deem as normal for them. No ghost stories at bedtime, rather at the time when my father entertained his famous guests. That’s when those stories crept out and I had a hard time turning off my light, and so demanded a huge night light to be placed in my room and in several spots I might add.

AF: What was your first experience with the paranormal?

AH: My first unconscience experience is also explained in the new book but it took place in Austria, when a ghost caught me before landing to my impending doom. Consciencely, I was about eight and went to day camp. My camp counselor happened to be a friend of my fathers’ named Carla. She was a medium but I hadn’t known that. On the bus back, I described her entire house to her and colors that I couldn’t have possibly known. For me, it was a game. For her, a sign that I had indeed inherited my father’s gift.

AF: Your father has investigated hundreds of different haunted locations, growing up did he ever let you “tag along” to any of these haunts, and if so what was your favorite?

AH: My father began in the early 60s with an on flux of cases so by the time I came along in 71, three years before the Amity case, I would be too young to be included. It is only now that he and I discuss his past work and will take years to digest, and for myself to go out and see for my own eyes. I can’t say what would be a favorite haunt as I think hauntings are sad.

AF: Is there one specific spot on this planet that you truly feel can be labeled as “The Most Haunted Place on Earth?”

AH: Nope. Europe of course being the oldest part of the world, would seem to me logically to harbor the most haunted places and most concentrated energies. But, I’m a Global Ghost Gal and feel the entire planet has cases everywhere and you would have to collect a lot of data and compare notes to get that answer. Hopefully, we would all still be here by the time that happened. Would make for an intriguing documentary feature though.

AF: Is there any haunted location that you’re just dying (no pun intended) to get in to?

AH: Amity of course, that’s if it is still having issues and actually the places my dad once visited. To be a part of what he was a part of is history in the making for me in the paranormal field. I am attracted to castles so it certainly wouldn’t surprise me if an offer came up to visit one, that I would not say no.

AF: What is your take on all the ghostly orb photographs circling the Internet - orbs or dust?

AH: Many are both. You can tell the difference and with the technologies of digital cameras, film processing and witnesses it really is a no brainer. What I think some people may have an issue with, is if an orb is a sprit or just energy surrounding that place or person in that moment. You can always have a good transmedium with you to help decipher if indeed, if the orb is a spirit and has something to say. The dust, well rain being a huge culprit and wind but there really is a big difference. You just have to be educated on the terms, facts and be open-minded to the unexplainable.

AF: Alexandra, what are you personal thoughts and feelings on the Amityville case?

AH: It disturbs me. All the books my father has written and the private tapes and conversations that sit in my old home bother me. I sometimes feel as if it all should be buried along with those pour souls that lost their lives that fatal day. Many places are bad and bad things happen. Amity is no different, it just became a film and one that was done well for it’s time. That’s what we call a cult classic and sticks with you generation after generation. I wouldn’t put too much stock in just one case and when it’s glamorized, it takes on a whole new meaning and life force.

AF: What about the murders? Do you feel Ronnie may have been under the influence of possession at the time of the murders?

AH: The murders were an act of a cold blooded soulless man who very well could have been under the control of a pissed off Indian Chief and his helpers. It’s so hard to tell because it was thirty years ago and a re-visit of the utmost respect and privacy should happen in-order to feel it again, if still there. Ronnie could have been possessed, but again I am conflicted that maybe he lost it and took it out on his family, but why I don’t’ know. Not every misguided youth turns on their family in such a horrific way. I wasn’t there that day and often wonder what lingers in and around the property.

AF: Do you think everyone is vulnerable to possession, or do you feel you have to be willing to let a demon or paranormal entity inhabit your body?

AH: I think everyone is vulnerable to anything bad in life, it’s just a question of when it occurs. You can’t escape bad moments because we all have them, famous or not, rich or poor. But, what I do believe in which my father and I don’t agree here, is demonic entities that surround negative people and places feeding on that festering energy.
There are coo coo birds out there as with anything in life, that would take this to the opposite extreme and that is where I stop and turn away. I am just one person on a small planet surrounded by a galaxy of larger and older stars and suns with perhaps other life forms. Who am I to say possession doesn’t exist and that it’s always based on a medical disorder. I tend to think it can be both.

AF: Do you believe the Lutzes story is 100% true, or do you feel there may have been some embellishment to their story?

AH: I spoke with Director Daniel Farrands who had worked with my father back in 2000 on an Amity Documentary. He was very close to these people and there was a lot that went down between threats of lawsuits and character defamation, all the way up to infringement on rights to the whole case. I truly believe this case needs to be closed out of respect to the families involved. To see if the area and property is still harboring entities would be deemed a re-visit, and a different investigation which is normal and done everyday in every town. So, for documentation and perhaps new evidence or there lack of on this piece of land, would be the new story and just like many other stories of reported paranormal activity in an area. That’s how I would handle it and leave the rest at the door.

AF: If you could tell the current owner of the Amityville house one thing, what would that be?

AH: I respect your privacy and home. Unfortunately, owning a famous plot doesn’t exactly help the situation when trying to obtain that privacy and home. Personally, given my back story and kind natured way and love for life, would only want to re-visit with a new perspective, new information and light on the world of the paranormal and areas that can be active. As my father before me, he was one of the very few who gave respect to all those involved, and never looking for money or fame..I can attest to this because I am helping him now. I would hope that I would be allowed to do a revisit not for fame or notoriety, but rather for closure and peace.
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