I am not Julian Assange: Sources Leak SECRET NSA Psychic Spy Program

I am not Julian Assange: Sources Leak SECRET NSA Psychic Spy Program
December 9, 2010
Gary S. Bekkum
American Chronicle

A new paradigm threatens to spill over into the Internet leak controversy: Psyche-Leaks, warrantless mind-taps, and State Secrets.

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(STARpod.org)-- The shadowy world of WikiLeaks, to quote Joshua Norman writing for CBS News, "exists primarily as an Internet-based organization, with no country to call home and no central earthly presence to attack, other than its founder, Julian Assange."

It is instructive to consider another even more shadowy realm of information, one that exists primarily as a mental construction, perhaps networked by strange, inexplicable coincidences, where odd bits of information have no central, nor even an earthly presence: the SECRET world of the psyche and the International Intelligence Community.

Believe it or not: intelligence agencies around the globe have been seeking -- and likely continue to search for 'Psyche-Leaks' -- hidden intelligence trapped within the human subconscious mind.

At risk: the very concept of secrecy in a world where all can be revealed, including the future.

For decades the Russians, under the old Soviet Empire, attempted to crack the code and gain entry into the collective human experience we call the subconscious mind. Desperate for answers, Soviet physicists invoked strange and mostly imaginary new information fields, where human thoughts could be carried by propagating distortions in the fabric of space and time, connecting real flesh-and-blood brains to each other in a kind of Cosmic Internet.

The Russian effort was closely watched by the entire American Intelligence Community, including the CIA, DIA, NSA, the US Navy, and the USAF.

This Mind Race, as it was known at the height of the Cold War, led to similar American psychic programs. The best known of the American Mind Race competitors was called STAR GATE, and it was managed by the US Defense Intelligence Agency in the early to mid-1990s. Less is known about numerous similar programs managed by the Navy and the USAF, beyond their documented existence.

And even less is known about spooky goings-on at the National Security Agency (NSA).

In 2007, investigative author Gus Russo revealed that one of his sources claimed that NSA was deeply involved in the world of paranormal activity.

STARstream Research reported the alleged existence of the NSA program, which, according to Russo's NSA source, had run into a problem with "extraterrestrial interference."

Eventually Russo received permission to reveal the identity of his source to STARstream Research, who provided new information including the location of one of the NSA psychic research centers, alleged to be Johns Hopkins University.

Meanwhile, a source in the United Kingdom, Chris Robinson, known as 'the dream detective" for his psychic exploits involving terror attacks, including 9/11, told us he had been contacted by American Intelligence, including NSA. Eventually one of Mr. Robinson's contacts confirmed meeting with Robinson following 9/11.

Two independent lines of sources had emerged. Russo's source said yes, NSA paranormal research exists and is on-going and, our source was claiming contact with representatives of NSA who were interested in paranormal intelligence collection.

Although careful not to provide operational details, Robinson also claimed there had been teams of trained psychics tasked against operational targets. Of course the unclassified record proves this had happened before, in the 1970s to the mid-1990s -- but we had been led to believe odd psychic indulgences by the intelligence community were a thing of the past.

In 1995, the CIA took control, and summarily closed the STAR GATE into the human mind.

A footnote found in a 1997 CIA 'Studies in Intelligence' article provided additional support evidence: according to government historian Gerald K. Haines, "There is a DIA Psychic Center [probably a reference to STAR GATE] and the NSA studies parapsychology, the branch of psychology that deals with the investigation of such psychic phenomena as clairvoyance, extrasensory perception, and telepathy."

DIA STAR GATE files, including an archive received from the US Army's previous psychic spy programs -- best known for George Clooney's cinematic spoof of Jon Ronson's 'Men Who Stare at Goats' -- mention considerable interest in the paranormal, going all the way to the NSA Director.

Yes, the 'leaks' are interesting, if true, and there is a solid platform of historical data to support the 'probable existence' of a secret psychic paranormal program. Gus Russo told us the NSA program is considered a valid form of Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) -- and Robinson's contact was also associated with Signals Intelligence.

Have I revealed the existence of a SECRET NSA program, one said, according to Russo, to exist within the deepest black inner heart of NSA?


Keep in mind, however, we are reporting on rumors from multiple sources and not the exposure of currently classified documents.

I am not Julian Assange.

But if the rumors are true, and if there is more to this story, then the NSA may very well be in the business of 'warrantless mind taps' -- along with all of the moral, ethical, and legal baggage that will follow.
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