IOPIA Investigation of Paranormal in Alaska
Alaska's oldest and largest established paranormal website and team! IOPIA covers all faucets of paranormal investigation in the state of Alaska.
IOPIA originally started gathering UFO reports back in 1993 and is ally to many large and small UFO groups globally, we maintain the world's largest collective database incessantly documenting UFO sightings in the State of Alaska.
IOPIA retains the most information in the world on Alaska’s haunted places, Alaska ghost encounters and paranormal evidence to date. Continually documented since 1994 to present! You can visit us here;

To access our database, which holds over 3,000 detailed stories of Alaska paranormal places and events, tips on paranormal investigating in Alaska, and anything strange under, “The Land of the Midnight Sun!" You can find the Database by clicking here;
IOPIA Database

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