Learning the Mysteries of The Tarot

Learning the Mysteries of The Tarot
November 8, 2010

xploration and inquiry into dimensions that fall beyond our five physical senses require an open mind. But even with an open mind, venturing into metaphysical and paranormal realms can be terrifying. One area of the paranormal that arouses curiosity and fear is the mysterious Tarot, a subject that is as frightening to some people as are ghosts.

Though many books discuss the possible origins of Tarot, researchers can only speculate about Tarot's surreptitious beginnings. Those who believe in the Tarot and their predictive qualities, however, don't really care how they came into existence; they are fascinated with Tarot cards – even if they are a little afraid of them.

So what do the Tarot purport to explain?

According to A Complete Guide to the Tarot, by Eden Gray, "The truest claim we can make is that the Tarot is a symbolic record of human experience. Through deeply rooted mystic powers, the cards accomplish miracles of psychological insight, wise counsel, and accurate divination."

Symbols can be both universal and personal, and the Tarot is replete with them. Elements such as fire, earth, air and water are universal. Other symbols are personal. A bird, for instance, might symbolize freedom and flight for most people, but for those who fear our feathered friends, birds mean something quite different.
As a teenager, I was drawn to Tarot; when I became an adult, I studied the Tarot.


Mention the word, "Tarot" in a crowded room, and you'll find either immediate fascination or extreme revulsion. You may even find people crossing the index fingers of both hands in front of you when you cross their paths. You may as well tell everybody you're a vampire.

Anyone attempting to learn the Tarot will discover that Tarot reading is not an avocation for anyone fearful of being judged. Afraid of being ostracized, undercover spiritual readers work with only a few close friends and family members.
Unless the local metaphysical shop is holding a workshop open to the public, many people seeking the advice of a Tarot reader prefer the more clandestine approach of getting a reading from a spiritual advisor – by throwing cloaks over their heads and sneaking in the back door. The implication is that if you study or use Tarot, you are evil.

But the Tarot is nothing more than a way to communicate with the spiritual realm. You could use EVP (electronic voice phenomena), a Ouija board, a medium or any of a number of ways to connect to the "other" side or even to the "in" side, but no matter what communication device or method you use, you will find yourself reaching across an invisible boundary that falls somewhere between flesh and spirit.
And when you cross this unfamiliar terrain and practice these unorthodox techniques, you may learn that life's mysteries reveal themselves in a surprising and awe-inspiring manner.

Most people believe that all of the answers to their own personal questions reside within themselves, but finding those answers, even through prayer, is often difficult.
So can the Tarot be used as a medium to guide us and promote spiritual understanding? Even after fervent prayer, I haven't always understood God's response; why not give Tarot a try, I reasoned.

As a precaution (because I wanted to protect my soul from possible harm when I first decided to use the Tarot), every time I gave a reading, I invoked God, the Father, God, the Son, and God, the Holy Spirit. I also called upon my Guardian Angel and the Guardian Angel of the person for whom I was reading.

Armed with God's protection, I incorporated the advice presented in a book titled, Spiritual Tarot: Seventy Eight Paths to Spiritual Development by Signe E Echols, M.S., Robert Mueller, Ph.D., and Sandra A. Thomson. The book cover announces, "Let the ancient power of Tarot illuminate your path in life."

Illumination and understanding were key in giving readings. I read first for friends and family. Relying on my intuition, the Rider Waite Tarot Deck, Gray's book (which describes each card in detail and suggests layouts), the Spiritual Tarot, God, my Guardian angel, and the Guardian angel of the person for whom I was reading, I felt protected as I ventured forward into Tarot's unknown. The results were astounding, and because of my personal successes, I decided to perform readings for strangers one day.

When clients came, I explained to them that the information was not coming from me; it was coming through me from God, because I didn't believe I personally held the answers for them. I also knew that if I asked God for guidance, God would respond. (Ask and ye shall receive.)

In all the readings I've given over the years, only once did the reading not fit the client. As the woman sat down across the table from me and I spread out the cards, I had an immediate sensation that this reading would not fit her. I told her so. I told her that she seemed too fearful about the reading and that I couldn't accurately read her while she was so fearful.

At that point, she relaxed. My assessment of her was accurate, and she now trusted me. We reshuffled the cards, and the reading fit her perfectly.

I am well aware of predators out there who demand money for their readings and then require patrons to show up again and again, asking for more and more money each time, but I also know about others who ask only for donations. If Tarot reading is a "job," I can understand asking for donations. I cannot understand "spiritual" advisors requiring monetary compensation.

The Tarot in and of itself is not evil. Evil is something perpetrated upon an individual by the spirit of another individual. Using the Tarot with destructive intentions for greed or destructive purposes IS evil.

But studying the Tarot and believing that God can speak to you through the Tarot is not evil. If God can move mountains, God can reveal Himself (Herself) through any medium He (She) chooses.

So if you decide to learn the Tarot, keep a pure heart, protect yourself by invoking God and your Guardian Angel, and you, too, might find yourself discovering secrets to your own life you might not have found elsewhere.
Deborah says: 2011-03-08 19:42:21
Good advice. I have been wanting to try to read and been hesitant. I believe I will be able to do well. Now I will try it.

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