Legitimacy of the Paranormal

Legitimacy of the Paranormal
August 2, 2010
by Liz Colado
Basil & Spice

hat You See Is Real

Ever choked on a piece of meat, cutting off your air?

Have you gotten sucked out into the ocean’s current, lost strength, and almost drowned?

Did you die on the operating table?

Or, have you had a visual or audible sign from a loved one who has passed on?

These are all episodes from the paranormal (outside our normal scope of reality), which are considered by a portion of the scientific community (old school) to be all in our heads. The paranormal is odd, strange, and infrequent for most of us. So….we’d rather not talk about it. To do so, might make us sound a little bit crazy. But inside, we’re all dying to talk. Talk. Talk. We want to know if what we saw or heard was real or just an illusion.

The fact of the matter is, paranormal occurrences are real. They happen to everyone. And they will happen to you too, if you are aware of the possibility. Ralph Hodgson stated, "Some things have to be believed to be seen." This is awareness coming to life. Those who are adamantly closed will never be able to see or hear incredible glimpses of another dimension.

The wonder of the Universe can be viewed through answered prayer, a sudden life review, a soul’s departure from the body into a tunnel, a spiritual visit from a departed father. These are true events. I personally know those who have had these experiences. What has it done for them?

Those who have had an unexpected life review developed a new lease on life. They now appreciate what they have in the way of loved ones—for this is what they saw during the review. Their children. A wife. A husband. Meaningful relationships are carried over into the next life.

The gentleman who died on the operating table has become quite active spiritually. His tradition is Catholic, and he is very involved there, especially in the Healing Mass. It is not uncommon for a person to pass over and return back, having a near death experience, while ill, in the hospital, or during a critical operation. The University of Virginia has collected reports of near death experiences; their analysis suggests that 23 percent of patients experience an NDE while under general anesthesia. (1) Those who have passed over and come back no longer fear death. In fact, some say that they wish they had not had to return, but there was still some important duty/job for them here on Earth.

These experiences are not false. They do not challenge faith in a negative manner either. The paranormal is simply assurance of a Creator, a continuance of life, and a connectivity between dimensions. This morning, I spoke with a friend, one who died in the hospital, but returned to tell us more. She says this, “When you leave your body, and go into the next dimension, you are three feet off the ground. This place is all around us.”

These words are my own, but they are simply a conduit, a written reflection of the lives of others. Each of us has these glimpses into the greater Universe. They are your own, for you. And each look is for a reason.
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