Lithuania lumps paranormal in with violence and pornography

Lithuania lumps paranormal in with violence and pornography
July 19, 2009
Cheri Esperon

If Ghost Hunters International or any other paranormal team wishes to investigate anywhere in Lithuania, they must act quickly, because starting March 2010, it will be illegal!

Lithuanian lawmakers have passed the “Law on the Protection of Minors Against Detrimental Effect of Public Information” essentially the law bans the making “unsavory” information available to children, including public discussions, school programs and the media. Information deemed unsavory includes gay and lesbian information, bisexuality, polygamy, and images of heterosexual intercourse. Also among the taboo topics are death and severe injury, foul language, gambling, making of explosives, bad eating habits, and the paranormal. The paranormal?? The paranormal??

Yes you read that right, the paranormal is a taboo topic in Lithuania, lumped in with pornography and gambling. No hypnosis, no psychics, no ghosts, UFO’s, or horror movies… no fun in my opinion. To have the paranormal lumped in with violent and sexual acts seems absurd.
The list of no-no’s is long and includes most the majority or popular culture or in the words of Petras Grazulis, a lawmaker who co-sponsored the bill “rotten culture”.

Thankfully, there is hope. Groups such as Amnesty International, Journalist’s Unions, and gay and lesbian rights groups are working to fight this legislation. Critics claim the bill violates the freedom of speech and international standards of human rights, as well as is unclearly defined and nearly impossible to enforce.

No information is available on what the penalties might be for breaking these laws, although I will be following this story closely and will provide updates when available. But I for one will not be making any plans to visit the country anytime soon. No Ghost Adventures? No Doritos? No Way!
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