Local Woman Hunts For UFOs Via Tucson City Web Cams

Local Woman Hunts For UFOs Via Tucson City Web Cams
by Cherlyn Gardner Strong
December 20, 2009

UFO enthusiasts live among us in the Old Pueblo. The more serious segment of that group usually arm themselves with video or digital cameras before leaving their homes in search of evidence. The proof they capture could be offered to the local media, or it might be posted online for the world to scrutinize. One local woman has put a unique spin on UFO hunting in Tucson. She conducts her searches without even leaving the house.

Sheila1Her name is Sheila Martin. Sheila spends an average of five hours a week on the Tucson user-controlled city cameras online, which she aims toward the skies. Evidence she captures is posted to her YouTube channel, which is beginning to gain a following. Sheila jokes that “Sheila” is “Aliens” spelled backwards, well, if you cut of the neck of the “h” in “Sheila.”

She began her YouTube UFO hobby quite by accident. One night, while checking on the progress of the construction via Stone Avenue webcam, she took control of it and aimed it toward the sky. She quickly saw unusual lights, which prompted her to combine the city cams with a free downloadable software application called YouCam. With YouCam, she can record and share what she sees on the city webcams. She readily admits that much of the video she captures via webcam could likely be earthly airplanes or helicopters. She invites experts to scrutinize her findings, noting the dates and times for possible comparison with weather, flight and space records. Although she has tried other controllable web cams outside of Tucson, she hasn’t found as much success as she has experienced in the Old Pueblo.

Martin is also interested in ghosts, and has participated in paranormal investigSheila2ations with a group based in Sierra Vista. Cryptozoology is also intriguing to her, as she occasionally ponders over the existence of her favorite monster, Nessie (The Loch Ness Monster). She is a paranormal enthusiast in general. She is also a normal 23 year-old who is currently contempating career and educational goals. Kitty cats are constant source of joy in her life. She lovingly refers to felines as “alien angels” from above. Martin is interested in so many things, she hasn’t yet decided what she wants to do with the rest of her life. Modeling is another hobby that occupies some of her time. This pretty woman has secured a multitude of professional modeling gigs, but at 5′ 5″, she has found that her height has presented a barrier to her desired supermodel status. Still, she keeps aiming high with everything she does, despite her “vertical” challenge that limits her in the modeling field.

In the meantime, Martin works, searches for aliens, and goes out on dates. When asked if her paranormal enthusiasm has put a limit on potential dates, she replied with wholehearted assurance that it most certainly has not.
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