MUFON's Official STAR Team Impact Project Recruiting Poster

MUFON's Official STAR Team Impact Project Recruiting Poster
May 23, 2009
Rick Smith


Albuquerque, NM, resident and graphic designer Rick Smith has joined forces with Tennessee MUFON’s State Director Eddie Middleton to create the official STAR Team Impact Project ad poster for MUFON’s bold new aggressive SIP collaboration with BAASS (Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies).

The STAR Team Impact Project (SIP), which has been recently promoted with the poster ad on the front page of the April 2009 edition of the MUFON UFO Journal, is a bold and aggressive step forward in tracking the UFO presence among us. This project initiative will allow MUFON to take UFO Investigation to its next level. This has been made possible through a funding arrangement between MUFON and BAASS (Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies). You can read all about the STAR Team Impact Project and BAASS at Eddie Middleton’s Memphis UFO Examiner.

MUFON is the largest UFO research organization in the world and is the logical choice to carry out this mission. MUFON is the only UFO Research organization that can muster such a wide-scale grassroots effort, moving us closer to resolving the UFO mystery.

For more information on becoming a SIP Team Member, go to Check out the major incentives for SIP Team members by downloading your own SIP Team poster (JPEG or PDF) at Tennessee MUFON today!

Smith, a paranormal experiencer, runs his own graphic design business – Smith and Smyth Creations LLC – and is currently working on, a new travel tour site due to premier in June 2009. He also has his own Examiner column at Albuquerque UFO Abduction Examiner. Check out his paranormal site at UFOteacher.Com.

Eddie Middleton, researcher and State Director for Tennessee MUFON, is the host of his own paranormal radio show called Night Search.
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