Michigan Paranormal Encounters
Michigan Paranormal Encounters is based on the philosophy of integrity and objectivity in the study of the paranormal. Trained investigators in Michigan work with clients throughout the Midwest. Each investigator in the group brings their own special talents and experience to every case. Years of experience and study of the paranormal have provided members with the rich background needed in this field of study. State of the art equipment provides investigators with essential tools to rule out natural causes for unexplained phenomena before paranormal explanations are explored. Healthy skepticism is encouraged and practiced. In many cases, frightening and disruptive occurrences can be explained by things that are in no way paranormal. If it is determined that paranormal forces may be at work, investigators work with clients to resolve the issue in the most effective way possible, while offering support and understanding throughout the process. If you or someone you know is in need of our services, please contact us at MPEncounters@aol.com. MPE does not charge for its services.
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