Mike Conley's Tales of the Weird: Did pilot and passenger fly into space-time rip?

Mike Conley's Tales of the Weird: Did pilot and passenger fly into space-time rip?
July 28, 2010
by Mike Conley
The McDowell News

n June 1964, a young American pilot and her passenger took off from Nassau in the Bahamas for a flight to Grand Turk Island. They had no idea that they were flying into the one of the greatest mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle.

Just 22 years old, Carolyn Cascio was a licensed pilot from Greenville, Miss. On June 7, 1964, she and a passenger departed Nassau Airport for a 465-mile flight to Grand Turk Island of the Turks and Caicos Islands. They were flying in Cascio’s Cessna 172 airplane and the weather was clear.

While flying to Grand Turk Island, Cascio radioed to Nassau Airport to report that her compass was “spinning erratically.” She also could not contact the airport in Grand Turk Island. But airport officials there could hear what she was saying.

Cascio had apparently left her microphone keyed in the open position. This allowed officials at Grand Turk Island’s airport to hear what both Cascio and her passenger were saying in the plane’s cockpit, according to a Web site.

“I don’t understand this,” stated Cascio. “I must have made a wrong turn. This should be Grand Turk, but there’s nothing down there, no airport, no houses.”

Her passenger was heard acknowledging this.

Cascio was also heard saying that she was flying over an island that looked totally uninhabited. There was no sign of any towns, buildings or roads. “It has to be Grand Turk, but it’s not there,” she said. “It looks like Grand Turk but it just can’t be.”

At the same time that she was circling overheard, people in many places on Grand Turk Island reported seeing a small plane flying around in the sky for approximately 30 minutes.

Cascio was flying directly above the airport in clear conditions but apparently could not see it. Airport officials tried desperately to contact her, but were never able to do so.

After half an hour of circling, the airport picked up Cascio’s last words.

“Is there no way out of this?” she said. It was a statement that chilled all those who heard it.

Then, Cascio apparently decided to fly to another island. In bewilderment, the entire airport staff watched as she banked sharply to the left and flew out across the sea. Her Cessna flew into a low-lying cloudbank and was never seen again, according to a Web site.

An extensive search turned up no sign of airplane wreckage. There was no sign of either Cascio or her passenger, dead or alive. No one on any island, over or near which she passed, reported seeing a return trip of her airplane. Cascio, her passenger and the Cessna had vanished into the Bermuda Triangle.

Since that day, some paranormal researchers believe that Cascio flew through a rip in space and time. She had apparently arrived over Grand Turk Island at some point in the distant past, long before the island become inhabited by humans. But the rip in space and time somehow allowed people in Grand Turk Island to see her plane circle overheard for about 30 minutes.

When she flew into the cloudbank, Cascio’s plane was not able to return to the present day and therefore ended up at some time in the distant past. Under this theory, it would still be possible to find the remains of her plane and the bodies of Cascio and her passenger. However, they would all be quite old and decayed because they had taken a strange journey back into time. Their plane would look like it had disappeared hundreds of years ago instead of 46 years ago.

But to this day, the wreckage of Cascio’s plane has still not been found, either on land or in the ocean.

Paranormal researchers believe that the strange space-time rips are responsible for many of the unexplained vanishings that have occurred in the Bermuda Triangle. Whether it was caused by aliens or the lost continent of Atlantis, there is definitely something weird going on in that section of the Atlantic Ocean.
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