Night of the Beast
Night of the Beast: A True Paranormal Investigation
March 13, 1977: Robert Dirscherl, respected business man and patriarch, is found bleeding from a shotgun wound in his chest. On his bed is his favorite shotgun, poised among splattered blood. The police hastily ruled suicide. The family was stunned, convinced it was murder. In a letter postmarked March 13, 1993, the family received its first eerie confirmation that their suspicions were correct: “I have AIDS. I am dying. I must make my peace with the Lord. I killed your daddy 15 years ago. He found me in his bedroom. I had no choice. Please pray for me.” New Orleans on an Amtrak train, 1995, the murdered man’s sister-in-law is approached by a lady who was summoned by the spirit of her dead father to tell the true tale of what happened the morning of March 13, 1977: Robert Dirscherl was murdered. October, 1997, Noreen Renier, noted psychic tells the same tale: Dirscherl was murdered. The case was officially dropped for many mysterious reasons, but psychics – as well as the worldly facts of the case – say the same thing. It was not suicide. It was a killing. Moreover, there were dark, seedy implications of a young man in the sway of drugs and some larger, malevolent group who was willing to steal and to kill not just for money or thrills – but for some greater satisfaction
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