North East Paranormal Society
We Are "North East Paranormal Society" We are a small team of Ghost Hunting/Paranormal Investigators who consist of "Co-Founder/Lead Investigator & Tech Manager Josh". "Co-Founder/Lead Investigator Dave". "Case Manager/Investigator Jan". "Investigator Barb", "Investigator in Training Penny". "Team Researcher/Investigator in Training Bryony". We are a team of Paranormal Investigators based in The Capitol District & Surrounding areas of Albany, N.Y. who are dedicated to helping individuals who believe that they may be the subject of unexplained paranormal phenomena in their homes or other locations. We explore paranormal activity in historic places, public venues as well as private homes. During each investigation we use scientific methods to collect evidence of the phenomena you are experiencing. We use EMF detectors, Laser thermometers, CEN-TECH temp gauges, Multiple Wireless audio Devices, Multiple 0Lux Night Vision Cameras, Multiple Hand held video Equipment, photographic equipment as well as other devices to help us document any possible activity. Our extensive knowledge of the paranormal gives us the ability to determine if there is any anomalous activity occurring by gathering and documenting conclusive evidence such as photos, videos and environmental data surrounding paranormal events. Not all cases are paranormal, some may have psychological, or environmental factors which may appear to be paranormal. What we can do, is determine what is & isn’t paranormal. If we do find that there is paranormal activity going on we can take different measures to accomodate your needs. Our goal is not to prove or disprove the existence of ghosts or spirits. To carry such an agenda would be to presume an understanding of that which is not currently understood. Our team members take your concerns about unexplained phenomena very seriously and approach each investigation accordingly. We conduct ourselves discretely, professionally and most important of all, respectfully. Our Services are FREE of Charge. We do not charge anything to help our clients. If you have experienced instances of unexplained activity in your home or other locations and would like our team to help you in determining the possible origins of that activity please contact us immediately. we use(Evidence, Science, equipment, logic & reasoning) to determine if a place is or isnt haunted. We keep an open mind on every case. We will search for the answeres to your questions & the solutions to your needs. If you need our help you can contact us many different ways. Check out our website at: YOU CAN ALSO CALL US 24/7 AT: (518)268-9603 or our email us at or contact us right here on myspace FOR ANY HELP OR QUESTIONS you may need or have.
Mary Smith says: 2010-02-14 14:04:21
These people CAN NOT BE TRUSTED! They lied about being partners with another paranormal investigation team in an effort to steal an investigation. When the site owners became suspicious they became extremely rude and abusive to the site owners

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