OMG! Could the American Idol Mansion Be Haunted?

OMG! Could the American Idol Mansion Be Haunted?
May 03, 2009
Brenda Vincent
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Some American Idol Contestants Think So
Some paranormal addicts may go cuckoo over the fact that the mansion that houses the 2009 American Idol contestants may, indeed, be haunted. It seems that American Idol contestant, Allison Iraheta, has come into close contact with
OMG! Could the American Idol Mansion Be Haunted?
Los Angeles, CA
United States of America
the spirit of a prior tenant of the LA mansion. While not actually menacing, the ghostly apparition definitely wants to make its American Idol visitors aware of her presence. How cool is that?

If the American Idol wannabes think they're alone when behind closed doors in the sprawling American Idol mansion, they may need to think again. According to People magazine, American Idol finalist Allison Iraheta chose a bedroom in the Idol mansion that was already occupied . . . by a ghost. The aspiring American Idol finalists have nicknamed the spirit "Phyllis." Evidently, Phyllis is not quite happy with being forced to bunk with Iraheta and has chosen to voice her opinion by making banging noises and growling in Iraheta's boudoir at night. Most likely to tell Miss Allison, "I was here first, heifer."

Iraheta has been the most affected by the spirit of Phyllis; however, other female American Idol contestants, who have since been voted off the Fox show, claimed to have caught a glimpse of the spirit. Phyllis has been described as a white shadow, which sounds like the ghost of Phyllis may be attempting to manifest herself. So far, Phyllis has not made her presence known to the guys of the American Idol mansion. Iraheta shared her paranormal experiences with former American Idol contestants, Lil Rounds and Anoop Desai, by making mention of the noises that spirit Phyllis enjoys creating at night. While Desai took it with a grain of salt, Rounds was a bit freaked. My thoughts on this are, "Cool! Break out the EMF detectors, the FLIR and the digital voice recorder."

The American Idol mansion was originally built in 1927 and is located at 277 Saint Pierre Road, Los Angeles, California, in the lower east gate of Bel Air. If you have an extra $85,000 laying around, you can lease the American Idol mansion for a month once the show is over. Hey, I say live it up for a month, it's only money. If you need to see photos of the American Idol mansion before making your decision, click here.
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