Paranormal Careers

Paranormal Careers
January 3, 2011
Paranormal Utopia

I remember my mother in law telling me how she had been trained as a keyhole punch operator sometime in the late 60′s and just a couple years later, her job was null and void. This has happened in a lot of cases. Even accounting departments are quickly shrinking with the availability of accounting software, eliminating the need for multiple accountants. On top of that, the economy has been less than friendly for workers of the world, and in the USA, even if you have a job it can be stressful from day to day wondering if it’s going to be there the next.

The American dream is all about pursuing dreams and in spite of our economy and because of advancing technology, not in spite of it, pursuing your dreams of a paranormal career is a lot easier than it used to be! And this being the 3rd of January, what a perfect time to set a goal for a new career. So let’s talk about what someone can do if they’re really interested in an alternative or paranormal career.


No matter what you believe in, one thing that almost all religions and beliefs can agree on, even the most skeptical and superstitious, is that the ‘veil’ between the other side is lifting and slowly but surely our intuitive nature and our ability to communicate with the energies around us is ever increasing. The art of being a psychic is just that. The abilities lie within all of us. The only thing creating that dividing line between you and the Edgar Cayce’s of the world is the ability to tune into your own abilities and put them to use. We’ve all experienced deja vu and we’ve all had that nagging intuition that proves us right later on. In addition to our own abilities, there are tools like scrying boards, tarot cards, runes and more. While some psychics are lucky to make a couple hundred dollars a month, those that really put their minds in the right place and allow their abilities to come through and dedicate time to building a client base, earnings can become quite high and move into the six figures. The best part about it, is that it’s a career, even a business, you can build while you still have your day job.

Steps to get started:

Learn how to access your abilities
Purchase tarot cards or other psychic aids
Apply to a psychic company to build experience

Niche Travel Agent

There are all kinds of themed cruises this day in age. There are ghost hunting cruises, psychic cruises and just about anything else you can think of. In addition to that, there are several high profile ways to organize ghost hunting trips over seas or just across the country. Today, even sacred sites are more popular than ever. For that matter, organizing local weekend trips at a haunted bed and breakfast can be profitable in itself. How about tours of crop circles in the UK? The potential is never ending!

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics says that the median salary for a travel agent is just about $31,000 a year. What you have to keep in mind, however, is that your average travel agent works in a small 4 desk office in a strip mall, however, since you’ll be running a niche service, your earnings could be far less, or far more depending on how hard you work and how well you market yourself. In the BLS article referenced above, it also states that agents who focus on specific types of vacations or locations are the most successful, and after all, that’s what you’ll be doing.

Steps to get started:

Take a look through the American Society of Travel Agents‘ website and become familiar with the steps needed to educate yourself and get professional certifications
Decide if you will have an office or work from home
Learn all you need to know about the destinations and/or types of tours you plan on marketing

Spiritual Housecleaner

The belief in negative spiritual energies is another belief that crosses religious borders. When moving into a new home, whether buying or renting, many are aware that residual energy can affect how their lives proceed. A perfectly happy couple can buy the property of a divorcing couple and suddenly experience themselves arguing about things they never argued about before. The most optimistic person on the planet can move into the home of a lonely person who died a slow death of cancer and find themselves overwhelmingly depressed and even suicidal. These people may not be aware of what’s needed to clear out those lingering energies that can change someone and their life entirely. If needed, you could even build a team of people to help you throughout your local area! Either way, a business of this type could easily make enough money to pay the bills depending on your area. Just like any other house cleaning business, it’s not going to make you a millionaire, but it can in fact bring a lot of adventures and and some decent paychecks.

Steps to get started:

Read as much as you can, and even take classes if possible, on the art of spiritual home cleansing.
Create all marketing materials necessary (website, flyers, business cards, etc.)
Tell everyone you know and look into ‘welcome wagon’ type gifts that get handed out to new homeowners and renters, maybe even apartment managers and real estate agents.

Paranormal Investigator

There are actually many ways to make money as a professional paranormal investigator. While television shows are a dime a dozen, video sites across the internet offer everyone a chance to make money with their videos. Additionally, even law enforcement makes use of psychics and paranormal investigators to assist with crime investigations. Moving forward, you can sell DVD’s of your cases, write books, speak at conventions… the possibilities are endless if you are committed, educated and talented at what you do. With the right amount of business sense, a paranormal investigator can make a really good amount of money after a few years. Another benefit to the career change is the fact that you can still keep your day job while you make the slow switch.

Steps to get started:

Join a local paranormal group so you can learn all the tools of the trade.
Buy a ghost hunting kit.
Start marketing your services!

Just about any business in the paranormal realm is going to have a limited reach. I am, by no means, encouraging you to run out and quit your mortgage paying job. Nonetheless, there’s no reason you should stop yourself from exploring what you love and how you can make a living at it. Keep in mind, as well, that the possibilities don’t stop with what I’ve put down. There’s plenty of other careers out there that fall within the paranormal realm and certainly with a little creativity you can come up with something completely unique!

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