People who are angels on earth: The Angelic Archetype

People who are angels on earth: The Angelic Archetype
June 16, 2009
Ryan Omega

Angels are very revered in our culture as they represent a supernatural existence that is considered good and they also represent the destiny of our afterlife that motivates us to become good. In Hallmark cards, the typical angel is youthful, in a white robe with a harp in her hands and large wings on her back. Believe it or not, angels as people or in the celestial realm are not typically as docile as usually depicted in popular culture. After all, if an angel's job is to be a messenger and to protect the souls of others, she can't usually do it by whacking someone over the head with her harp.
Angels do reincarnate as humans and in human form, they usually exhibit certain kinds of characteristics. Do you or someone you know exhibit the following traits?

~Thrive in a structured environment? Do you like to maintain order?
~Are you a good follower? And if the leadership isn't working do you automatically take the lead?
~Suffer from upper back/shoulder pain often around the shoulder blades?
~Tend to wear close fitting clothes especially on formal occasions or times you want to impress?
~Feel far more comfortable dealing with members of the same sex than the opposite sex?*

*(Gay men and gay women under this archetype tend to feel far more comfortable with members of the opposite sex than the same sex.)

Someone who matches these traits falls under the angelic archetype. This means that the angelic part of the soul resonates very strongly within a person, predisposing him to keep order and peace among people. If the traits describe a person that is more likely to be in the military rather than a harp player, it's because angels themselves act more like soldiers than muses. Through their actions and how they appear to people, they can inspire. However it is more important for angels to perform their function well and be useful to others, which is why you can find many of this archetype in service related occupations.

Mikael the Archangel, also known as Michael the Archangel, is a distinctive angelic figure that is more representative of an average angel in appearance. He is usually depicted in armor and a sword at his side in a combative stance. Since angels are peacekeepers, guardians, and messengers they are more likely to be armed than not. Even though they expect others to be civil, they are prepared for situations that are not. This does not mean that angels are violent; they are just knowledgeable and effective when they need to be.

If there is a single word that describes the term “angel,” it would be “Order.” Heaven is able to function as it does because angels are predisposed to order and hierarchy. Nearly all angels believe that without order within any group, things will fall apart. On the very opposite end of the spectrum, demons are often linked to “Chaos,” always serving as a reminder to any angel why order is always important.

If there is any caution to be given to the angelic archetype, it is that angels assume and trust that the leadership knows what it is doing in any given situation; otherwise, he or she would not be the leader. Very rarely are they going to question a task unless it goes against his or her core principles or unless they think there is a more effective solution. Even then, they are likely to convince themselves that questioning means she or he is faithless or somehow unloyal which breeds an internal or unhealthy doubt.

Because angels are messengers at heart, if there is no way to express, vent or communicate these bad feelings or doubts, it will manifest in lack of energy, sickness and even depression. It becomes harder when the angelic archetypes assume that they must always be stronger for the sake of others. The archetype will be the first to beat themselves over criticism, even if they have done an amazing job that few others could do. So the key for an angel to remain happy and healthy is to let down its shield and burden every once in a while; everyone can have a bad day and having wings does not mean you are expected to fly above your problems every single time.
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