Real ghost scares reel ghost

Real ghost scares reel ghost
January 12, 2009
Glacxy Ferrao
Times of India

Recently Mreenal Deshraj had a spine-chilling experience in a palace in Kolhapur where she was staying during the shoot of Shhh...Phir Koi

Since the show had an eerie theme, the place seemed ideal.

Says Mreenal, “I don’t believe in ghosts. I’ve stayed alone in Mumbai for a very long time now. And incidentally I was playing a ghost in the show as well,” she tells us. It was a 20-day shoot at the place. For 19 days she stayed in one room of the palace hotel with no problems whatsoever. But on the last day Mreenal shifted to another room. “At around 4.30 in the morning, I was trying to sleep when I heard some heavy breathing. First, I thought I was just imagining it.

But I kept hearing the sound as though someone was sleeping right next to me,” she relates, adding, “At that time there was only one more member from the crew who was put up in the hotel, but his room was far away. The rest of the unit members were shooting at a location far away from the hotel.” After some time the breathing became louder scaring Mreenal even more! Mreenal ran out of her room. She approached the reception area and narrated the whole incident to them. No one believed her story and thought that may be due to stress, she felt that way. When she told the entire story to the crew of the show they too laughed at her and made fun.

“After another day’s shoot I came back to Mumbai. Though I’m a brave girl and have stayed alone all my life, this spooky incident will always remain in my mind,” she says. Guess Mreenal’s not gonna be staying alone in lonely hotel rooms for a long time!
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