Reincarnation and memories from beyond

Reincarnation and memories from beyond
December 14, 2010
Dawn Gagnon

Unless you have lived in a cave somewhere, at some point or time you have heard this phrase. The meaning of reincarnation is to "enter the flesh again". This belief is still a huge principle in many religions, such as Hinduism, Jainism, Sikhism and Buddhism.
20th century psychiatrist/Parapsychologist Ian Stevenson from the University of Virginia became well known for his work of publishing over 2500 case studies of reincarnation world wide. The case studies were primarily of children that had knowledge that was not of their lifetime, or personal experience. Many of these children had memories that could be corroborated with violent deaths of those who had passed before the child was ever born.
Stevenson's studies showed that many of the children harboring these abilities were young in age and as they grew older,forgot the memories they spoke of. Stevenson believed some evidence that points to a child as having been reincarnated lying in the form of birthmarks and congenital deformities. Which would suggest according to his thoughts that the child suffered a physical memory of a tragic injury from a former life. While Stevenson did devote time to researching alternative explanations that contradicted his findings, many still criticised his efforts.
One paranormal point to ponder regarding reincarnation, is that many of us have seen and heard our own children mention things about deceased family members that passed away prior to the child being born. Some children can describe in accurate detail the appearances of the deceased, even noting things like missing limbs, or the color of the decedents hair.

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