River Cities Paranormal Society * NorCal
River Cities Paranormal Society * Northern California is a group of highly intelligent and professional paranormal investigators who utilize scientific based skills and equipment to investigate paranormal activity. Our goal is to completely and scientifically investigate our clients paranormal claims and inform them of what we think may be happening on their property or in their home.

RCPS*NorCal Team is based in and all around Shasta County, CA. We serve Northern California, Southern Oregon and N.E. Nevada Counties. There is never a fee or charge for our services. That's right, FREE! We will help in any way we can to assist you to understand what is going on with your particular experiences and activity.

If you have questions about anything feel free to Contact one of our Co-Founders:
Lynette - (530) 945-8379
Candy - (530) 244-3284

Remember, nobody should ever feel alone when experiencing possible paranormal activity.

We are here to help!
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