Sean Casteel on the Secret Space program and Tesla, Nazis, and biblical aliens

Sean Casteel on the Secret Space program and Tesla, Nazis, and biblical aliens
July 17, 2012
By: Jeffery Pritchett

nteresting interview with Sean Casteel one of the authors of The Secret Space Program: Who Is Responsible? Tesla? The Nazis? NASA? Or A Breakaway Civilization? Written also with Tim Beckley and Tim Swartz who helped contribute much to this interesting opus of a book about many diverse topics leading to the possible construction of the Secret Space program. We have discussed Tesla and the Nazis many times on my radio show The Church of Mabus and Timothy Beckley has been on the show a few times discussing high strange topics with us. Then Sean Casteel gets into alien life and his biblical views regarding it and life on Earth. An interview that becomes a smorgasborg of wisdom and knowledge to make the brain certainly go into hyper drive. Presenting.

1. What inspired you to become involved in writing the book The Secret Space Program: Who Is Responsible? Tesla? The Nazis? NASA? Or A Breakaway Civilization?
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Pondering the secret space program
Pondering the secret space program
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Casteel: I wasn’t exactly “inspired” to join Tim Beckley and Tim Swartz in writing “The Secret Space Program.” The original idea was Tim Beckley’s, and he’s very good at that sort of thing. He never ceases to amaze me with his new ideas and new ways of packaging older stories. The idea of a Secret Space Program has gotten a lot of mention lately in the field and even hard-line nuts-and-bolts Ufologists like Richard Dolan have made statements recently about the possibility that we have at our disposal secret space-faring technology that the public has never been told about.

2. What can you tell us about the history of the Secret Space Program origins-wise?

Casteel: There are many different theories about that. Some experts trace it back to the early work of the legendary inventor Nikola Tesla. Our book “The Secret Space Program” also includes the complete text of a book we did a few years ago called “Nikola Tesla, Journey to Mars.” There’s so much that’s never been revealed publicly about Tesla’s research. Tesla went on record with the media of his time that he had heard intelligently controlled signals on one of his inventions that he believed were an attempt by Martians to communicate with the Earth. He felt it was the beginning of a long conversation with extraterrestrials, though he was ridiculed at the time for this belief. But those signals may have been the catalyst for him to pour himself into creating some form of space travel as a kind of self-defense response. We do know that in the early 1940s he announced that he had developed a device called a “death ray” that could shoot down any sort of airborne object, melting the engine of a plane, etc. With America’s entry into World War II looming, Tesla tried to sell his idea to the defense department, and was again simply laughed at. But it may have been as a defense against alien ships that really made the idea seem necessary.

3. What is a breakaway civilization? I've heard the term but honestly it's new to me.

Casteel: The term “breakaway civilization” was actually coined, I believe, by researcher and author Richard Dolan. He’s really well known for writing “UFOs and the National Security State,” and its sequel. We interviewed Richard for “The Secret Space Program,” and he told us that one of the ideas he’d been kicking around for the last few years was a “breakaway civilization,” the idea being simply that you have a secret group, a classified group of people, with access to radically advanced science and technology that they just don’t share with the rest of the world. One scientific breakthrough leads to another, and that leads to another and so on.

So the next thing you know, you’ve got a separate group of humanity that is very far ahead of the rest of the world. Richard likened the situation to, say, 200 years ago, when you compared the technology of Europe to Central Africa. You’re talking about two vastly different ways of understanding the world. He thinks it probably happened in the years since World War II, but he also thinks it is not impossible that it happened in the late 19th century, when Tesla was first grappling with the idea of intruders from space. The breakaway civilization may have even existed since ancient times and been responsible for things like the Great Pyramid of Giza or Macchu Picchu. So he leaves open the possibility that some great secret would be understood by a very small, elect group of people who would want to hide their knowledge from the world to maintain their power or just because they don’t want to “share.”

4. Where do extraterrestrials fit in to all of this? I hear you are well-versed on the Bible and angels and UFOs. Could you get into your beliefs a bit?

Casteel: Well, first let me say that I know my beliefs definitely put me in the minority camp of UFO believers. But a lot of people agree with the Ancient Astronauts approach, that the aliens have been with us since ancient times and may even be our Creators. There is so much in the Bible, the miracles and the angels appearing, that kind of thing, that translate easily into our 21st century more-technological perspective and makes it possible to connect the dots a little and say, well, UFOs and aliens can do that, too. But I don’t think most people go so far as to say that the grey aliens who do most of the abductions are angelic creatures themselves. People always focus on the fear, the terror of alien abduction.

But angels as depicted in the Bible are often terrifying entities, and there is a moral complexity to our relationship with both angels and aliens that makes it impossible to simply dismiss the greys as demonic or evil or hostile. Fear is often a major component of religious experiences, no matter who it’s happening too, and meeting something as “other” as the grey aliens would certainly shake a person up, but I believe it’s all about a transformation of both people and reality as we know it. I’ve written a couple of books where I discuss these ideas in more detail. One is called “UFOs, Prophecy and the End of Time,” and another is called “Signs and Symbols of the Second Coming.” I also wrote one called “The Excluded Books of the Bible” that looks at some of the Gnostic scriptures and touches on the aliens a bit.

5. How would the Nazis be responsible for the Secret Space Program?

Casteel: The Nazi angle is really quite interesting. Part of the mythos that has grown up around this idea involves the fact that, after the war was over and the Allies seized certain papers not destroyed by the fleeing or captured Nazi scientists, it was discovered that the Nazis had been trying to create a disc-shaped form of aircraft and had even been experimenting with antigravity technology. We of course don’t know to what degree they succeeded, but we at least know they were working along these lines until the war ended. Another factor in all that is something called “Project Paperclip,” which was a U.S. postwar program that brought several Nazi scientists here to this country to put their expertise to use working for us. The virtual “father” of our own NASA space program, Werner Von Braun, was one of the Nazi scientists they imported for his proven technological skills. So we obviously don’t know if Von Braun and his compatriots already knew how to fly us to the moon or Mars or not. But we do know they were working in secret on technology that was far in advance of what we’ve been told about, and they may have succeeded to a level beyond what we can even imagine.

6. Where does the genius-before-his-time Tesla fit in?

Casteel: I think I already dealt with that earlier in this interview. But to repeat, Tesla may have been right in assuming we were in danger of a hostile alien invasion and worked to create a “death ray” to defend us from attack from the skies. There is more to it, though. In the “Journey to Mars” portion of “Secret Space Program,” Tim Swartz talks about a secret society called the Aero Club, who were also receiving intelligently controlled signals identical to what Tesla had talked about. The story goes that, with the financial backing of J.P. Morgan, the Aero Club approached Tesla in the late 1800s about developing an aerial machine with a propulsion system that could fly them into space and on to Mars. Tesla may not have bought into the idea personally, but he likely considered that the money given for this flight-to-Mars fantasy would help finance other projects closer to his heart. According to Tim Swartz, however, Tesla and the Aero Club possibly did manage to make a craft that could fly based on antigravity propulsion and there have been secret flights to Mars and elsewhere ever since.

7. What about the Face on Mars and this lunar bridge I read about in the description of your book? Can you tell us about those and any other weird structures out there?

Casteel: Well, the Face on Mars is pretty well known. In 1976, the famous Viking space probe was sent to Mars by NASA and out of over 2000 photos the Viking took there, only a small fraction were shown to the public. One photo that was published showed what many researchers believed to be pyramids and a huge face carved into the surface of Mars. Of course a face, a human-looking face, being there has all kinds of implications. Did some ancient Martian race put it there? Did earthlings traveling in a secret spacecraft carve it out as a sign of their conquest of Mars? Whoever created the face most likely looked humanoid themselves and were making it in their own image.

As for the lunar bridge, that was first mentioned by an award-winning astronomer named John O’Neil, who in the early 1950s claimed to have observed a twelve-mile long “bridge” on the moon that appeared to be artificially and intelligently constructed. The bridge sighting was replicated by other witnesses before the structure was “dismantled” for unknown reasons. But it’s similar to the Face on Mars because there’s no logical way for it to appear simply by chance.

8. I would love to hear about some of these Masonic astronauts who have carried Masonic symbols to the moon and possibly Mars. Fascinatingly spooky.

Casteel: I thought that was interesting, too. There are a lot of paranoid theories about the Masons, but it’s still undeniable that so many of our Founding Fathers were Masons, as were several astronauts. Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin was a Mason and he took a Masonic flag with him to the moon and returned it with him to Earth. So the flag went to the moon and back and I’m sure that gave it a great deal of symbolic worth. As for a Masonic presence on Mars, who can know that at this point? It’s among many possibilities.

9. What can you tell us about the Freemasons and their occult rituals involving ETs and their behavior patterns?

Casteel: Honestly, I don’t know the subject of Freemasons ands ETs well enough to even comment. I guess it’s possible that the Freemasons are part of that breakaway civilization that Richard Dolan talked about and certainly the Masons’ occult rituals could have links to ancient alien influences. But beyond that I wouldn’t hazard a guess.

10. When it comes to your perspectives on UFOs and angels and the Bible, do you think we are entering a climatic good versus evil scenario on Earth? Also, how do you feel about the “false flag” scenario involving UFOs and aliens that our government is maybe designing? How does this all tie in?

Casteel: I do think we are entering the time of a great final conflict between good and evil. I spoke on many occasions to Betty Andreasson Luca, a famous abductee who agrees with me that the greys are angelic. She told me once that humanity is the battleground on which angels and demons fight. We are the prize to be won. I also believe in the prophecies of the Bible about Armageddon, where Jesus Christ will defeat Satan and the antichrist on the field of battle.

Do I think the government intends to somehow falsify an alien invasion? To somehow take away our freedoms under the guise of protecting us from extraterrestrials? That one sounds like a long shot to me. I think they would have less bizarre ways than resorting to stories of alien invasion to keep us all in line or whatever. It would be too hard a sell compared to manipulating us with earthbound terrorists.

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