Sedona, Arizona: A UFO Magnet

Sedona, Arizona: A UFO Magnet
May 27, 2010
Flash News

SEDONA, Ariz. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – The town of Sedona, Arizona, is a real magnet for close encounters of the third kind.
Though many people don’t realize it, Sedona is a hotbed of extraterrestrial activity, and Ye Olde UFO Store has the evidence.

The shop gathers information on alien activity in the area from people who come in to share their stories, photos, and videos of strange occurrences they’ve witnessed in the local skies.

The store also conducts its own nightly investigations for flying saucers, which spokesperson Jennifer McCoy says are spotted every single night.

Apparently, Sedona has four major vortexes that contain 500 times more magnetic energy than anywhere else in the world.

McCoy says this is exactly why “UFOs are attracted” to the area.

The lack of pollution and fact that all city lights are required to point downwards also make UFOs more visible in the sky.
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