Sleep Paralysis and the Paranormal

Sleep Paralysis and the Paranormal
July 26, 2009
Elizabeth Constanza

Recently, I have been contacted by several readers who are all asking the same basic question. These readers are experiencing something from which many of us may have suffered at one time or another, sleep paralysis.

First, just to be very clear, there are several types of sleep paralysis, not all of which are indicative of paranormal interference. I am not a medical doctor, and my perspective and observances should not be taken as such.

The following is a letter I received regarding this subject and includes my response. The name of the sender has been changed to protect his privacy.
Ms. Costanzo,
If you have time, can you explain to me the interaction of negative spirits or beings and sleep paralysis. I have had numerous bouts of sleep paralysis throughout the past years, never knowing when another will occur. During these episodes, bizarre things and creatures seem to manifest or at least I am dreaming they are. However, as you know during this time I am wide awake but unable to move. I have also had OBEs (out of body experiences) during these episodes, traveling and floating around the house. I am disturbed by much that has gone on, and I had never thought about the possible explanation alluded to in your article, “The Nature of Negative Hauntings”. Any information you are able to provide will be helpful and appreciated.
P.S. All the web sites on sleep paralysis are scientific in nature and all repeat the same things.

Dear “Michael”,
As you have read, there are many plausible and scientific reasons for sleep paralysis; in some cases, these explanations are perfectly valid. Some people are experiencing a form of RLS (restless leg/limb syndrome) wherein the electrical activity in the nervous system causes the body to seize up as one begins to relax on a deeper level; their muscles and nerves twitch erratically at first, and then they seize up altogether. In cases such as these, the seizing up or paralysis is accompanied by moderate to severe cramping of the extremities, most often the legs and feet. However, hallucinations are not usually a part of this scenario. Anyone who has experienced RLS and/or these symptoms realizes rather quickly that this is strictly a physical ailment. Only a medical doctor can provide definitive answers as to whether or not one of the neurological conditions is to blame.

On the other hand, true paranormal sleep paralysis that is not caused by RLS or other seizure disorders, though rare, is possible. Paranormal sleep paralysis is often characterized by the feeling of someone "sitting on your chest" while pinning your arms and legs down. The "victim" often "sinks" into the mattress, actually being weighed down by the entity, causing the paralysis. In other words, the victim is pressed into the mattress and actually causes a noticeable indentation in the bed. This scenario is not always the case as some just experience the inability to move any part of their body and are unable to exercise their vocal cords in any way.

Positive spirits do not want to harm or frighten us, so it follows that the spirits that generate this activity are negative in some way. They may not necessarily be demonic or "damned", but if not, they were usually angry and abusive people in life. They carry that same energy in death, and unfortunately, still enjoy projecting that energy onto the living.

In relation to the out of body experiences, the answer is actually quite simple and intuitive. When you leave your body, you are still connected to it by, for lack a better image, an ethereal type of umbilical cord. Your physical body is paralyzed because your consciousness is not within its confines so as to instruct it where or how to move. However, you are still aware of your physical body because you are still attached to it by this umbilical cord; and you, therefore have the illusion that your physical body is paralyzed. You feel weightless and as if you are floating because your soul or spirit body does not carry all the physical ailments and "weight" that your earthly or physical body does.

The creatures you are witnessing could be a number of things. One explanation is that they represent exactly what they appear to be. Most people, who believe in spirits, ghosts, etc., only believe in spirits and ghosts as human forms. Even seasoned ghost hunters and paranormal investigators do not always realize that there are different types of "monster-like" spirits as well. These creatures can encompass many different types of spirits from demons and trolls to crypto-zoological entities such as the chupacabra. I know that these things seem far-fetched, and I am in no way affirming my belief in these creatures, but they are no more impossible than the once believed to be imagined "Gorillas in the Mist".

One example that I can point out was captured on the thermal imaging camera that TAPS took on an investigation overseas in Ireland. Reports stated that within areas of nature called "wraths" existed strange creatures that were of the “nature spirit” realm. They were called fairies but were not what you and I would think of as fairies. They had a mischievous nature and were reported to attack humans in a physical way if their territories or "wraths" were invaded by human trespassers. Of course, these reports sounded ridiculous, but TAPS did, in fact, capture the images of these "fairies" following team members as they left the "wraths". It was an interesting piece of footage, to say the least.

I hope that some of the information I have given you is helpful and does not cause you more fear. Let me know if you have any more questions or need more information regarding specific subjects covered. I probably have not assuaged any of your fears but only added to them. I am sorry if this is the case, but I have to be honest. One trick is to call in loved ones who have passed away when you experience something that scares you. They have your back and since they are on the same playing field, can protect you from "negatives".
Elizabeth Costanzo
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