Suspected haunting at downtown Toledo restaurant

Suspected haunting at downtown Toledo restaurant
February 26, 2011
Heather Miller
FOX Toledo

TOLEDO, Ohio (WUPW) - A well known Toledo restaurant may have more than customers visiting the eatery. This weekend paranormal investigators will look into claims that Manos Greek Restaurant is haunted.

"Its wonderful that we have some more 'life' on Adams Street. They might be potential customers. You never know," joked restaurant owner Manos Paschalis.

Manos Greek Restaurant has sat at the corner of Adams Street and 17th in downtown Toledo for 30 years. Prior to that, the building had an illustrious past. It is even believed a prostitute was once thrown out of a second story window.

"Upstairs used to be a brothel and downstairs used to be a dancing bar years ago," said Paschalis.

Its no wonder employees, especially those who work upstairs in the bar, think the building is haunted. Employees at Manos have reported strange occurrences for years. Most of the activity seems to come from the second floor bar, the Attic on Adams. Employees report hearing phantom footsteps, seeing strange reflections in a mirror, and a door that opens by itself.

"Everybody who works up there feels that there's something,” said bar manager, Amelia Jarret.
"We do hear little things while we're closing. We'll have the music off. We'll hear sounds and we'll see things out of the corner of our eye."

Paschalis decided it was time to find out what is really going on after a customer told him he had some sort of paranormal energy in the building. He was then contacted by Toledo Haunted Occurrences Research . The ghost hunting group will bring in their high-tech equipment and investigate the building Sunday night. They should be able to tell is something, or someone is haunting Manos within a couple of weeks.

"It'll be nice to see for real of there are any ghosts and we'll know that they're there,” said Jarret. “Its nice to know that there's someone up there when we're up there with us. Maybe a little safer. Somebody looking out for us because they're friendly ghosts."
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