The 2012 Prophecy-Get Your Tin Foil Hats Ready

The 2012 Prophecy-Get Your Tin Foil Hats Ready
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There's an old calendar somewhere in the mountainous regions of Guatemala where the Mayan civilization thrived before the voyages of Christopher Columbus opened routes the New World.

While they might be of interest to archeologists for man reasons, there's just one reason most people know about them--the 2012 prophecy. The Mayan calender is nothing like the Julian calendar. The Mayan year contains only 260 days, and apparently, the Mayan calendar stops at the year 2012. Who knows why they chose short years or stopped counting at 2012? Maybe the round stones they carved the dates into were too small to hold more than 260 days. Maybe they stopped at 2012 because their chisel broke, or the replacement chiseler didn't show up. Maybe their Government went broke bailing out the virgin sacrificers and couldn't afford to pay the calendar makers. Or, get your tin hat ready, maybe these ancient calendar carvers had it from a higher source (probably aliens) that the world would end in 2012.

So, in case you're wondering if the world really will end in 2012, here's some other end-of-the-world predictions that were, to say the least, anti-climatic:
Rapture Predictions-

* 1792 - Shakers calculated this date.
* 1844 - William Miller predicted Christ would return between March 21, 1843 and March 21, 1844, then revised his prediction, claiming to have miscalculated Scripture, to October 22, 1844. Miller's theology gave rise to the Advent movement.
* 1977 - William M. Branham predicted in 1962 that the Rapture could take place by 1977.
* 1981 - Chuck Smith undogmatically predicted that Jesus would likely return by 1981.
* 1988 - Publication of 88 Reasons why the Rapture is in 1988, by Edgar C. Whisenant.
* 1989 - Publication of The final shout: Rapture report 1989, by Edgar Whisenant. More predictions by this author appeared for 1992, 1995, and other years.
* 1992 - Korean group "Mission for the Coming Days" predicted October 28, 1992 as the date for the rapture.
* 1993 - Seven years before the year 2000. The rapture would have to start to allow for seven years of the Tribulation before the Return in 2000. Multiple predictions.
* 1994 - Pastor John Hinkle of Christ Church in Los Angeles predicted June 9, 1994. Radio evangelist Harold Camping also predicted 1994.

Edgar Cayce's Warnings of Impending Doom

* Edgar Cayce predicted that coastal areas worldwide would be inundated by floods in 1998.
* Cayce prophesied that by 1998 California's coastline would vanish, and most Japan would disappear into the sea. He foretold how new land masses would rise off the East Coast, and the Arctic and Antarctic would vanish, and a tropical paradise appear in their place.
* Cyace predicted that Atlantis would rise from the Bahamas area of the Caribbean by 1998.

Richard Noone

On May 5 in the year 2000, the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn will be aligned with the Earth and her Moon. According to author Richard Noone, "...on that day the ice at the South Pole will upset the Earth's axis -- sending trillions of tons of ice and water sweeping over the surface of our planet. Not since the days of Noah has Humankind been faced with this ultimate catastrophe."

And of course, who could forget the Y2K hullabaloo? What do all of these gloom and gloom predictions have in common (besides requiring tin foil hats to truly understand them)? They are are in indicator of disenfranchisement. The more discontented the masses are, the more dire the looming threats of human extinction are.

A word to the wise, dallying on such dark forebodings only deepens the gloom. Recycle that aluminum on top of your head, and take heart. The best is yet to come.
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